Difference Between Highway and Freeway

Highway vs Freeway

Highway and Freeway are often confused but there are a lot of differences between the two. If someone wants to drive fast without much of traffic then he would prefer to use freeway. On the other hand highway connects two major cities and is normally crowded.

You can travel with high speeds in a freeway. On the contrary you cannot travel with high speeds on a highway. You should necessarily limit your speed on a highway.

It is interesting to note that highways at times pass through crowded places whereas freeways seldom pass through crowded places. One of the major differences between highway and freeway is that highway will have many intersections in between. On the other hand a freeway does not have intersections in between.

The intersections in a highway are the primary cause for the crowded nature of the path. The more the intersections the more would be the crowd on a highway. On the other hand a freeway is bereft of crowded nature due to the absence of intersections.

Journey gets impeded at several places in a highway thanks to the presence of a number of tollgates on the way. Tollgates are not generally seen in a freeway. Hence it is understood that the journey in a freeway is generally not impeded and is continuous. This may be one of the reasons of preference of freeway to highway.

One of the primary reasons of the lack of crowd in freeway is that it is often characterized by the presence of up to 6 lanes all through. On the other hand a highway is not characterized by the presence of so many lanes all through. It may have anywhere between 2 and 4 lanes all through. This is one of the major differences between a highway and a freeway.

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    “freeways seldom pass through crowded places”
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