Difference Between Hinny and Donkey

Hinny vs Donkey

Hinny and donkey are much-related animals genetically, hence with many common characteristics. However, they do not look very much similar. Therefore, this controversy should be cleared, and the differences between these horse-like mammals are of much importance to consider. This article reviews their common major characteristics and emphasizes the differences between them.


Hinny, Equus mulus, is the resulted progeny when a male horse and a female donkey are crossbred. Hinnies could come in many body sizes depending on the parents; however, they are said to be average sized animals usually. In addition, their small size is because of the maternal genes and size of the womb of donkey, those are found to be collectively affecting on the growth of the embryo. Since, the numbers of chromosomes are different in horses and donkeys (64 and 62 respectively), the resulted hybrid or hinny gets 63 chromosomes. As those genes from mother and father are not from the same species, they are not compatible, and therefore hinnies are sterile or infertile. Hinnies have short ears, a grown and bushy mane, and a long tail. Their head is more like in a horse. However, the male horses and female donkeys are more selective in choosing the mating partner compared to


Donkey, Equus africanus asinus, originated in Africa and later spread throughout the world. Depending on the breed, they vary in their size (80 – 160 centimetres of height) and colour. Donkeys have been very important for man as a working animal. In addition to carrying cargo, they have been important for humans for years in guarding goats. In 3000 BC, there is the evidence on the first domesticated donkey. They have characteristic ears, which are long and pointed. Additionally, their skull is short and broad compared to many of other equines. Their mane is short, but the tail is long. Donkeys live alone and not in herds in the wild. They grunt loudly (known as Braying) to communicate within each other. Usually, they are well adapted for the desert conditions, and they live at least 30 years, but sometimes up to 50 years.

What is the difference between Hinny and Donkey?

· Donkey is a member of equine family, hinny is an offspring of male horse and female donkey. Therefore, donkey is a sterile species, whereas hinny is an infertile animal.

· Hinnies have more horse qualities than donkeys do.

· Hinnies have long face like in horses, but donkey has a broad and short face.

· Ears of hinnies are smaller than in donkeys.

· Usually a hinny is taller and heavier compared to a donkey.

· Hinnies have a bushy mane and a tail, which are not well developed in donkeys.