Difference Between Hip and Waist

Hip vs Waist

Hips and waist are two different parts of the human body that have great relevance to all those who are conscious about their body shape and weight. Waist and hip are connected as they are adjacent to each other and the difference between hips and waist has assumed great significance not only among those who want to look slim and attractive but also for doctors who have started to make use of the waist to hip ratio to ascertain health risks in preference to the earlier body mass index or BMI. Knowing the difference between waist and hip is a step in the right direction for all those who are health conscious.


Waist is that part of the body at which the width of your body is the smallest. It is the area just above the navel that is better when it is slim than when it is thick. Sexier a woman is considered if she has a slim waistline than when she is thickset and has a large waistline. Of course, it is important to have a lean body and less of body fat, but it is rather more important to have fat in just the right places in your body to look shapely and attractive. Waist is that part of the body that gives an hourglass figure to a woman if she has a small waist. Men have a wider waist than women, but they too look great and shapely when they have a slim waistline.


Hips are the part of the body just above thighs. In fact, the upper most part of the thighs is considered as hips, and it is just lower than waist of a person. Hips are fleshy in both men and women and, in fact, they make a person look good when they have the bony structure covered with some fat. To measure your hips, you need to measure them where they are the broadest to get the right measurement. It is the circumference of the waist to that of the hip that is being used by doctors to assess the health risks faced by a person more frequently than the earlier BMI.

What is the difference between Hip and Waist?

• Women tend to have slimmer waistlines than men.

• Women tend to have thicker hips than men as they have larger pelvis than men.

• Doctors rely more on the waist to hip ration to assess health risks to individuals these days than the earlier BMI.

• Slim waistline gives women the hourglass figure they crave for

• Men tend to have larger waists than hips.

• Hips are important for moving, walking, and running while waist provide stability to muscles in the stomach.

• These two are also body parts that tend to store fat quickly making an individual go out of shape.