Difference Between Holy and Discipline

Holy vs Discipline

Holy Priest and Discipline Priest are the two types of healing trees available to a priest in the world of warcraft PvP. There are some differences between the two types. Holy priests use their talents to a large extent in healing. In fact they use their talents to produce the maximum raid healing.

It is important to know that Holy Priests differ from other Area of Effect healers in one way. They do not believe in small heals. Instead they believe in Waterfall Heal. It is believed that Holy priests should have certain qualities, namely, meditation, inner focus, improved power word and twin disciplines.

The Holy priests bring out high talents in the Holy tree. These talents include spiritual guidance, spiritual healing and spirit of redemption. Holy priests show talent in a particular area. The discipline priest on the other hand, is accustomed to fight survival and the dark-minded shadow priest.

Holy priests are capable of causing powerful healing to raids or groups. They are capable of bringing out utility and survivability to others. It is important to know that talent is given points. Talent points become available at level 10. One point is given every second level from then onward to a maximum of 41. A Holy priest can use these points immediately, without having to pay a visit to the trainer.

In fact, talents are looked upon as bonuses and they can be used for upgrades. The holy priest is allowed to pick the area of expertise and can become even more proficient in them. The Guardian Spirit is probably the best survivable strength the holy priest has to offer. In fact, the Guardian Spirit can make you even immortal.

If you can take on you a blow with the Guardian Spirit active, then it will heal you for 50% of your ailment and the remaining healing is done by the Spiritual Healing method. It is interesting to note that discipline healing talents are different from holy healing talents.

Discipline priest uses the talent of Penance Well to heal. He uses it with a couple of other spells and becomes strong. Discipline specializes in absolution to use Dispel Magic on up to 2 harmful effects on friendly targets. The Discipline Priest is by far the most durable of all the Priest builds. In fact, it can be said that the talents in the Discipline Tree focus on efficiency, longevity, utility and the most important of all, durability.

Discipline priest exhibits mix of heals, suppression of pain and fear. They use mana burn to become formidable PvP opponents. Discipline score their points through improved power word, twin disciplines, mental agility, soul warding, inner sanctum, renewed hope, power infusion, rapture, strength of soul, train of thought, pain suppression, divine aegis and grace.

On the other hand, Holy priest score the points through empowered healing, divine fury and inspiration. Holy priest indulges in flash heal, greater heal, binding heal, penance, prayer of mending and prayer of healing. These are the differences between Holy and Discipline.