Difference Between Home and House

Home vs House

There are many pairs of words in English language that are almost synonymous. One such pair is house and home. Both of them refer to a place of living and you are technically not wrong if you invite your friend to your house though people prefer to use the word home to describe the dwelling they live in. There is not much of a difference between a house and a home though they definitely have different connotations. This article intends to stress on the correct usage of these words depending upon the context they are used in.

Generally people refer to the structure they are building as a house and call it a home only once it is complete and they start living in it with their family. This is natural and also correct as a house is a home only because of the people living inside it. Our emotions are built around the sanctuary or abode we live in. A home is an additional family member that may be non living but is as much a part of the family as people living inside it. One doesn’t refer to a hotel or a guest house as a home despite it having rooms where people come and stay for a while. An abode is a home because of this emotional attachment and also because of the feeling of ownership and shelter if provides to its members.

If you look at the way dwellings are numbered by municipalities who are interested in collecting property taxes, they talk in terms of house number so and so and never talk in terms of home numbers. This one example is enough to demonstrate the difference between a structure called a house and a place where families live in. A home is an abode that provides peace, comfort, happiness, security and confidence. These are qualities that you do not expect in a house which is just a structure made of bricks and mortar.

To speak in simple terms, a home is where you, especially your mind and heart feel at home. A house can be used as a ware house, a rest house or as an office, but a home is always meant for a family to live peacefully.

In brief:

Home vs House

• Both home and house refer to a place of dwelling but differ in psychological and emotional meanings.

• A house is a structure made up of bricks and cement; it is more a physical entity than a home which connotes emotional feelings.

• The difference between a house and a home is reflected in the use of phrases such as make yourself at home and a home is where you feel at home.

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