Difference Between Homecoming and Prom

Homecoming vs Prom

Homecoming and prom are two of the most important events in the school life of a teenager. These are times to socialize and to impress others, especially members of the opposite sex. Most girls have a dress ready when they have to attend these functions on the campus. Because of the similarities between the two types of dresses, it is common for people to remain confused between homecoming and prom. This article attempts to take a closer look at the two functions to clear this confusion form the minds of the readers.


Homecoming is a beautiful function or party organized by schools, colleges, and universities during the fall to welcome back their alumni who were a part of the institution a few years ago. There are games like basketball, ice hockey, soccer and football followed by a dance party in this function. Homecoming dress is a special dress bought and worn on this day by the students. The event is considered a formal or at best a semi-formal one in the country and thus the homecoming dresses are similar to those worn by girls in a cocktail party. These gowns are a bit shorter than the formal evening gowns. Thus, the options for girls are rather limited when it comes to homecoming dresses, but the most important thing to remember is to choose a dress in which one is comfortable rather than strictly following a dress code. Boys prefer to wear jackets and ties.

During the American football season, schools and colleges organize a game of football between the school team and the arch rival team of the school. This event is considered prestigious for the schools so that not only its present students but even those who have passed out in recent years want to attend the event. The name homecoming reflects the fact of alumni coming back on the weekend to support and cheer the school team.


Prom is perhaps the most important event in the lives of high school students. Prom party is held around the same time as the senior party in schools which is held during the spring season. This is an informal event that is held on the Friday evening just before the school term ends. Students, especially the girls, prepare for the event many months in advance. Even parents take interest in this function as is clear from the fundraising that parents committees perform. The importance of the function can be gauged from the fact that even seniors take the time to decide on the girl they want to be dancing with during the prom. They are of course concerned with the dress they want to wear on the occasion. Prom is mostly about dancing though there are snacks and soft drinks served during the event.

What is the difference between Homecoming and Prom?

• Homecoming dress is a semi-formal one and hence more casual than the prom dress.

• Homecoming dresses are shorter than prom dresses that are floor length normally.

• Prom dresses require high heel shoes while homecoming dresses require flat shoes or low heel one.

• Comfort is the deciding factor in homecoming dress as there is also football or other games.

• Prom is a bigger deal for the girls, whereas homecoming is a matter of pride for seniors and alumni