Difference Between Honesty and Integrity

Honesty vs Integrity

Difference between honesty and integrity is easy to understand as these differences are numerous. In other words, honesty and integrity can be identified as positive human qualities, between which a number of differences can be viewed. In our society, qualities such as honesty and integrity are instilled into people through various socialization processes. The objective of this procedure is to mold individuals according to socially acceptable molds so that the functioning of society is smooth and uninterrupted. Even through religions such values are praised and considered as important qualities that need to be cultivated by people. This article attempts to provide a clear understanding of these two terms, while emphasizing the differences.

What does Honesty mean?

Honesty can be understood as the quality of being truthful and sincere. When a person is honest in his words and actions, the person refrains from lying to others, cheating and also deceiving. The individual believes in speaking the truth at all costs. This can sometimes be rather tricky. But, in overall, when a person learns to be honest at all times, it is easy for the individual. When a person is honest, others tend to have trust in that person. It also assists the individual to have positive relationships with friends, family, and partners. Even in the workplace, being honest can be very advantageous. It allows the others to identify that this particular person has a good character and also ethics. Dishonesty, on the other hand, is the opposite of being honest. A dishonest person would engage in lying, deceiving, cheating, and even manipulating others for his own benefit. It is difficult to have a nurturing relationship with such an individual. In most religions, while honesty is rewarded, dishonesty is considered a sin or as a negative quality that affects a person’s character.

Difference Between Honesty and Integrity

Honesty makes a good employee

What does Integrity mean?

Integrity refers to doing the right thing at all times. In some situations, doing the right thing can be very difficult. Sometimes it can even cause damage to self, or those who are close to us. Yet, a person with integrity always does the right thing whatever costs it takes. A difference that can be identified between honesty and integrity is that, while honesty pertains to the truth in a person’s words, actions and even thoughts, integrity goes a step further. A person with integrity does the right thing as a principle that guides him. Such a person would maintain his code of conduct even when there is no one else. This highlights that a person with integrity has a rich sense of morality. A person cannot have integrity without having honesty. However, a person who has honesty does not always have integrity.

 Honesty vs Integrity

Without integrity, a policeman cannot protect justice

What is the difference between Honesty and Integrity?

• Honesty is the quality of being truthful and sincere.

• Integrity is the quality of doing the right thing at all times.

• A person cannot have integrity without having honesty but can have honesty without having integrity.


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