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Difference Between Hostel and Hotel

Hostel vs Hotel

Hostel and Hotel are two places of stay that show lot of differences between them. Although both of them are places of stay, a hostel is a place of stay for the students whereas a hotel is a place of stay for the tourists or the visitors. This is the main difference between hostel and hotel.

Hostel is either attached to a university or a college or sometimes situated away from a university or college. On the other hand a hotel is a construction meant primarily for boarding and additionally for lodging too.

Hostel is a place primarily meant for lodging whereas hotel is a place meant primarily for boarding. Messes are attached to hostels and on the other hand rooms are attached to hotels for the purpose of staying.

Another important difference between hostel and hotel is that students stay in a hostel all through the year until they have completed their courses. On the other hand visitors and tourists stay in the rooms attached to the hotels only for a particular period of time. It may vary according to the period of their stay in the particular place or city. They would vacate the hotel rooms once their purpose of visit gets over.

Rules and regulations are strictly followed during the stay of the students in a hostel. On the other hand there are no strict rules and regulations prescribed for the visitors or the guests who stay in hotels. They may stay for a few nights of course subject to certain conditions.

On the other hand discipline is imposed for the inmates of a hostel. No such discipline is imposed on the tourists who stay in a hotel. Codes of discipline such as time of getting up from bed, time of getting in and going out of hostel premises etc are strictly imposed on the students. On the other hand no such rules are followed in hotel rooms. Inmates and the guests in hotel rooms can go out of and enter the premises at any time they wish.

Extra facilities are provided for the visitors and tourists in hotel rooms. These facilities include television sets in every room, magazines and CDs, cigarettes, bar and the like. On the other hand you do not find these facilities in hostels attached to colleges and private hostels.

It is interesting to note that in addition to the hostels attached to colleges and universities there are private hostels meant for ladies called ‘ladies’ hostels’. These hostels impose strict disciplinary rules upon the inmates when compared to the hostels attached to colleges and universities. Hotels offer entertainment whereas hostels do not offer entertainment too often to the inmates.


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