Difference Between Hot and Beautiful

Hot vs Beautiful

Adjectives are useful when describing the quality of objects or situations. Whether it is a negative or a positive effect, there are many adjectives in the English language that can be used for this purpose. Not only when it comes to describing events or objects, adjectives can also be used to pay compliments. When it comes to paying compliments, beautiful and hot are two words that are heard to be used very often.

What does Hot mean?

Hot is an adjective that is used to refer to something that has a high temperature. However, in colloquial use, the term hot is used to refer to an individual who is highly attractive or to someone who possesses a large amount of sex appeal. Hot is considered to be a positive compliment that conveys that an individual is sexually attractive, but not necessarily beautiful. The focus of this comment is upon the physical attributes of a person and not necessarily on the facial features but on the features of the body. A synonym for hot can be sexy.

In addition to being used for individuals, hot can be used to refer to dresses, shoes and other accessories as well. For example,

She wore a hot dress today.

That is a hot pair of shoes.

The above example implicate that the objects in question can make a person look sexually attractive.

What does Beautiful mean?

Beautiful is a word that is used to refer to an object, an individual or phenomena that possess pleasing features. This can be visual or appealing to the mind. Beautiful when referred to a person can be someone possessing visually pleasing features, attractive facial features or being attractive. For example,

She is a beautiful girl.

The above example implies that the person referred to has pleasing physical attributes.

On a general sense, beautiful can be used to refer to pleasant qualities and an overall pleasing personality as well. For example,

He is a beautiful person.

The above sentence can refer to a person possessing attractive qualities.

In addition to being used for persons, ‘beautiful’ is a word that can also be used to refer to dresses, shoes and other accessories. Moreover, ‘beautiful’ can also be used to describe films, books and sceneries. For example,

That is a beautiful dress.

We went for a walk in the beautiful countryside.

I read a beautiful book last week.

What is the difference between Hot and Beautiful?

Hot and beautiful are two of the most commonly used terms when it comes to describing the attractiveness of individuals. These are two terms that are mostly used in reference to females. However, hot and beautiful cannot be used interchangeably as they imply different qualities altogether.

• Beautiful is a term that can be used in formal contexts. Hot is more of a colloquial term.

• A beautiful person can be defined as someone possessing pleasing physical features as well as pleasant qualities. If an individual is referred to as hot, he or she is deemed essentially physically attractive.

• Hot can be defined as being sexually attractive. The term beautiful does not connote as being sexually attractive.

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