Difference Between Hotel and Inn

Hotel vs Inn

Hotels and inns exist basically to provide food and accommodation to their guests. Though they may be confused sometimes as to the usage of the term, a hotel is uniquely different as an inn is uniquely special as well. So it is fitting to give both of them justice and know how they “shine” in their own light.


Cities everywhere have all sorts of hotels for visitors to stay for a short period of time. A hotel is a commercial establishment that provides lodging to business travelers, vacationers, backpackers and the likes. It offers provisions besides basic accommodation such as gourmet meals, fitted bathrooms, modern facilities, room service and a lot more for a price. These facilities and services of a hotel have only evolved over time given that long before it only consisted of a room with a bed, a cupboard, a small table and a washstand.


Inns found its history in Europe when the Romans built their road system. It was established to give travelers lodging, most often with food and drink, and stables were provided to the horses. Today, inns still cater to travelers and vacationers alike who wants to spend a night or two and then move on. Because of how it was built in the olden times, they are normally located near a highway or in a country and offer room for accommodation and home-cooked food for meals.

Difference between Hotel and Inn

A hotel has a different appeal from an inn. A hotel’s facade is huge compared to an inn. Where most hotels are buildings with more rooms inside for accommodation, an inn is usually a house owned by the hosts with 3 or more rooms available for occupancy. An inn feels homier than a hotel. Travelers and vacationers are offered home-cooked meals in an inn while hotel guests enjoy gourmet meals. More facilities and services are provided in a hotel such as round-the-clock attendants, pools, conference rooms and many more while visitors in an inn will enjoy what is available including some warm country hospitality from the owners. Inns are a lot cheaper than hotels and are away from the hustle and bustle of the city while hotels embrace it.

A traveler who wants to stay in for a night may demand comfort or convenience, or an extra sense of belongingness; regardless of where he may find them, in a hotel or an inn, both are uniquely different in satisfying them.

In brief:

• A hotel is a commercial establishment usually buildings with a lot of rooms to provide accommodation, meals, other services to guests. An inn is more of a house-type place of lodging for vacationers with limited rooms and offer home-cooked meals.

• Hotels have a lot more facilities compared to an inn making it more expensive. Most hotels are located in or near the city while inns are found along highways or in country sides.

• Hosts are usually the home owners of the inns while hotels are managed by managers and staff members.