Difference Between House and Progressive House

House vs Progressive House

The music that evolved in the 80’s, in the city of Chicago, but later spread to many more cities and called Electronic dance music as it was produced using electronic machines like drums and synthesizers, had many genres. One of these genres of electronic music is House music that has the distinctive feature of 4/4 beats that are repetitive in nature. Many music lovers remain confused when they hear the phrase Progressive House for a similar kind of music. This article attempts to find out the differences between House and Progressive House music.

House Music

DJ’s in clubs, in the city of Chicago invented a kind of electronic dance music with repetitive 4/4 beats that caught the fancy of the music lovers during the 80’s. This music is believed to have been derived from disco music and is very groovy for those who love to dance on the dance floors of clubs. Many believe that the name house for this music was a result of the practice of this music being frequently played at warehouses in Chicago City.

Progressive House Music

Progressive House is an electronic dance music that is considered a natural progression of the House music that evolved during the 80’s in music clubs by DJ’s. In fact, Progressive House music is not just a progression but also a fusion of the House Music that became popular in Europe and US in the 90’s. In fact, it can be said to be a combination of US House, UK House, Italian House, and so on.

House Music vs Progressive House

• Progressive House is the subgenre within the genre of House Music in electronic dance music.

• Progressive House is so called as it is slow initially but builds up the tempo later on.

• House is older than Progressive House.

• Progressive House is a fusion of House Music of different European countries and US.