Difference Between HP and Dell Laptops

HP vs Dell Laptops

HP and Dell are two leading brands when it comes to providing laptops and notebooks. The debate remains, that if the two use almost the same kind of processors and cost almost the same, then why choose one over the other? The popularity of both HP and Dell remains because of their price offerings and incredible customer service. Since most customers are pleased with the services offered to them by HP and Dell they tend to sell the brands with a technique known as word of mouth. Because we are astonished with the countless number of HP and Dell laptops sold in a day and the praises that the two companies receive as illustrated in most management case studies we read in school, there is definitely something that the two are doing correct, giving the others a fair fight and winning by miles.

HP Laptops

It is very likely that we all have seen laptops with a super glossy finish; HP laptops are famous for its attractive features and elegant finish. HP laptops come with LED display and are defined as being powerful, productive and entertaining. The latest LED Brightview panel in most HP laptops gives the users a sharp picture with immense clarity and is also energy efficient. Because of the increased popularity of High Definition picture quality, HP laptops now boast a display optimized for HD content. The latest features also have one touch keys present on the keypad that helps the user access email, DVD player, the web and the printer with one quick press. HP laptops come with a built in WIFI and a 6 cell battery compare to its previous 4 cell batteries that lasted a short time with charge.

Dell Laptops

Dell has captured the younger audience with its colorful laptops available in multiple colors. There are features available on the website also which let the customers customize the exterior. Not only that, but the software can also be customized. Dell laptops seek to give the most to the customers going the extra mile with its smudge proof finish on the exterior, a 7 hour battery life, built in webcam and wireless connectivity and up to 640 GB worth of memory. Dell, like HP also has started focusing on High Definition picture quality.

Difference between HP and Dell laptops

The major difference between the two is the brand name. HP has set itself apart with excellent exteriors whereas Dell has focused on providing the customers with an experience. Dell has never focused on retail selling and therefore through its direct contact with the customers, sells laptop at a lower rate than HP does. However, HP laptops have more entertainment features than Dell laptops do. The customer service at Dell with it extensive warranty even covering accidents is much better than that of HP’s.


Though it’s difficult to choose between the two brands, it is safe to say that both are clear winners in their own ways. Where HP provides better entertainment facility, Dell has better customer service and wider options.

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