Difference Between HP G6 Server and HP G7 Server

HP G6 Server vs HP G7 Server

HP G6 Server and G7 Server are two server technologies released by HP that are known for energy saving and high efficiency. HP has always recognized itself for the constant innovation in its all products. So has been done in the servers. HP’s new G7 servers have certain improvements and difference that outrageously make it stand out and different for the previous G6 servers.

HP G6 server features:

It was a server technology released by the HP in 2009. It was a HP proliant LD380 G6 which claimed it to be the best purchase in the world by the HP in 2009. It was a combination of energy saving and high efficiency.

Memory that can be used with BL460c G6 is either PC310600 ‘DDR-3’ registered or it can use Un-buffered DIMMs. You can find 6th generation G6 servers in the market in the price range of 1500 USD as per your requirements and needs of the performances. Features of the G6 server:

• It is highly automated and claims to manage seamlessly no matter where or what time.

• It optimizes system performance with the help of the Intel xenon Processors 5600 or 5500. These processors have enables it to give higher performance and better power efficiency.

• It gives great ease of service.

• Expandability or flexibility: It can expand the storage support of maximum 24 small form factors / 12 large ones.

• It claims to give up to 92% of efficiency. It has got power capping system to reduce the wastage of power.

HP G7 servers improved

After successful technology of G6, HP continues innovation by introducing new G7 servers. However it was a bit costlier than G6 but the additional feature and significant differences that it claims makes the price worth it.

New in the G7:

• Generation 7 has been optimized taking into consideration the large amount of memory needed for all the expansion (Input or Output –I/O expansion)

• It is having 8-12 core processors with cache of up to 12MB or L3 cache

• DIMM slots of 24DDR3 and 1333MHz

• Hard drives with either 2 large form factors or four factors of small form.

• 2 slots for expansion of upto2 PCI Express generation.

In a bottom line, it does have a significant improvement and proves itself to be a next generation server than any of the G6 HP servers. HP believes that the hike in the price in the G7 server will pay back to customer by increased operational efficiency.

Difference between HP G6 and G7 Servers

Following are some of the features where G7 differences and equalizes G6 and proves it to be better than others

• G7 has new iLo3 – Integrated Lights-Out Advanced, HP Insight control and Intelligent Power discovery.

• Both contain technology to cap on the power usage.

• Thus combining all it gives a state of automation with energy saving which claims to reduce the energy cost by up to 96 percent.

• It has got the ability to spare memory in the virtual machine to repair it even without physical server and other virtual machines down.

• It has less complexity at network handling because of automation in server connectivity to data and to the storage networks.

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