Difference Between Hue and Color

Hue vs Color

In art and designing color plays a vital role. The complete mood and impression of a product, a design, or an art work can be solely dependent on the color. Colors are attached to the psychology of humans; therefore, carries a significant unspoken set of information through the color scheme.

For ease of reference and usage colors are identified using color schemes and their characteristics. Hue is one of the main colors identified by humans. Often, closely related nature of the terms hue and color leads to confusion.


Color is the visual perceptual property. Color has a direct effect on our perception of an object, which is directly translated to more complex situations such as color of a road sign, and color scheme in a hospital. The effect is psychological, and humans respond to colors in specific ways due to this.

For the ease of describing a color, models have been introduced to account for variations in color. RGB is a common color model. In RGB model, two parameter schemes are used to describe the color, which are known as HSL and HSV (they are considered as cylindrical coordinate systems used for pointing to a color in the model). The three parameters (or attributes) in the HSV are known as Hue, Saturation, and Brightness (or Value).


Hue refers to a specific basic tone of color or the root color and, in a rough definition, can be considered as the main colors in the rainbow. It is not another name for color as colors are more explicitly defined adding with brightness and saturation. For example, blue can be considered as a hue, but with the addition of different levels of hue and saturation many colors can be created. Prussian blue, navy blue, and royal blue are some commonly known colors of blue.

Hue spectrum has three primary colors, three secondary colors and six tertiary colors.


What is the difference between Hue and Color?

• Hue is a root color while color in this sense refers to a mixture obtained by adding Hue, Saturation and Value together. Together only they make a color such as red, blue, green, yellow etc.