Difference Between Human Being and Being Human

Human Being vs Being Human

In almost any language, the order of words is very important. Sometimes a slight change or the switching of a word can alter the meaning of a sentence almost completely. This is exactly why one should be extremely careful when using any language. There also exists many words that can be switched around easily to imply very different meanings. Human being and being human are two such terms that have been created from the combination of two separate words to mean very different things.

What is a Human Being?

A human being can be defined as a culture-bearing primate that is related and similar to other apes but with more complex brain with remarkably developed prefrontal cortex, neocortex and temporal lobes, also known as a Homo Sapien . Because of this, a human being is capable of abstract reasoning, problem solving skills, sociality, culture and articulate speech. They also possess an erect frame that allows them to use their hands more freely as manipulative members which in turn allow them to use tools more frequently. They are the only extant members of the hominin clade and are the only species known to build fires and cook their food.

Human beings form complex social structures composed of cooperating groups from families to states. Social interaction has paved way for the human beings to develop their own customs, rituals and social norms which form the basis of human society. Humans have an intense desire to understand and influence their environment which in turn has paved way for the development of science, religion and mythology. The study of human beings belongs to the discipline of anthropology.

What is Being Human?

Being human is a general term that is used to indicate sympathetic behaviour or the simple act of presenting qualities that are unique to and typical of a human being. A human being is usually believed to be a compassionate individual who possesses a higher intellect than other animals. It is a qualitative term used often to represent the concept of a human being. Being human is a term that can also be used to imply the flawed nature of an individual.

What is the difference between Human Being and Being Human?

Human being and being human are terms, although formed from the same words that denote different ideas. While they are certainly related, it is important to be properly aware of the true meaning of the two terms, the human being and being human,in order to use them correctly in different contexts.

• A human being is a biological being. Being human is a quality.

• Human being is a noun. Being human is a verb.

• Human being can be used as a scientific term. Being human is a term that is used in more informal contexts where compassionate and sympathetic behaviour needs to be implied.

• A human being is not always seen as being human. Being human is a good quality of a human being.