Difference Between HVGA and WVGA


Screen resolutions refer to number of pixels a monitor displays in a given area. These resolutions, called graphic display resolutions, usually pertain to computer monitors and mobile screens. There are many combinations of these resolutions with varying widths and heights. As these combinations are commonly used for mobile screens by electronic companies, many of them have been standardized and even given names to easily remember the number of pixels each of these combinations refer to. HVGA and WVGA are two such famous combinations that are commonly used by computer monitor manufacturers and mobile screen manufacturers. Let us find out the differences between these two resolutions.


HVGA also refers to half Size VGA (Video Graphics Array). The screen in HVGA has many combinations of pixels depending upon aspect ratios. Some of these pixels are 480×320 (3:2 aspect ratio), 480×360 pixels (4:3 aspect ratio), 480×272 (16:9 aspect ratio) and finally 640×240 pixels (8:3 ratio). The starting pixel combination in HVGA is used by lots of PDA devices. On the other hand last of the ratios is used by many handheld PC manufacturers. Some of the popular models that make use of HVGA are Blackberry Bold, LG GW620, HTC Hero, and Samsung M900. Some projector manufacturers such as Texas Instruments is also utilizing HVGA resolution. 3D computer graphics made use of HVGA during 1980’s.


This type of resolution is also called Wide VGA (Video Graphics Array). This type of display has the same height as VGA which is 480 pixel height but it is wider. Some of the common examples are 800×480, 848×480, and 854×480. This display is most commonly seen in LCD projectors and notebooks that easily display websites that are designed for a window that is 800 wide in a full page width. WVGA is today preferred by many mobile set manufacturers.

In brief:


• HVGA and WVGA are two of standardized resolutions used for display on computer monitors and mobile screens.

• HVGA stands for half VGA while WVGA stands for Wide VGA.

• VGA refers to Video Graphics Array.