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Difference Between i.e and e.g

i.e vs e.g

i.e and e.g are two abbreviations used in English language. When writing in English, especially when writing reports we use lot of abbreviations in between. These are two of the most commonly used abbreviations in English writing. There are lot of differences in the usage of the two abbreviations i.e and e.g. It should be noted that both of them have their origin in Latin.

The direct expansion of i.e is ‘id est’ in Latin. It means ‘that is’. The direct expansion of e.g on the other hand is ‘exempli gratia’ in Latin. It means ‘for the sake of example’.

In normal cases i.e is used to elucidate the statement which it precedes. On the contrary e.g is used when listing out examples for a term or a supposition that was stated before. It is customary that people remember e.g as ‘example given’

Consider the example, ‘you should take the medicine two times a day (i.e., morning and evening).’ In the example you could see the usage of i.e.

Consider another example, ‘fine arts are of various types. (e.g., music and dance)’. In the example you could see the usage of e.g.

There are some rules in connection with the usage of i.e and e.g. They should be used well within the parenthesis. It is equally important that both i.e and e.g should be in lower case.

As a rule both i.e and e.g are followed by periods. The two letters within the abbreviations should also be separated by periods. It is important that the final period should be followed by a comma too. It is generally seen that people forget to write the comma after the final period while using either abbreviations.

It is interesting to note that the abbreviations i.e and e.g are used interchangeably by many people though they are not so. Some people take i.e as ‘in other words’. On the other hand e.g is used to mean ‘including’. In other words e.g is used when you do not intend to include everything.


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