Difference Between Iams and Eukanuba

Iams vs Eukanuba

Iams and Eukanuba are both popular brand names when it comes to cat and dog food. Both Iams and Eukanuba are manufactured and owned by Procter and Gamble and has been in the market for years. Both brands mainly target pet cats and dogs.


Iams was manufactured to provide dogs and cats with food of which the quality is much higher than what was already sold in the market. Iams has a wide line of products. They have many types of dog and cat food, including food that is suitable for kittens and puppies of all ages and sizes. They also offer food according to the requirements of each pet. Iams prioritize and focus on the nutrition and growth needs of the pets thereby providing them what they need.


Iams wanted to make a set of products which consumers would consider to be of the best quality, and that is how Eukanuba was created. They wanted to emphasize that Eukanuba is by far the best from the rest. Under Eukanuba, Iams sells a variety of nutritious pet food and this includes both dry and wet food as well. Most of the ingredients used in Eukanuba are of premium quality.

What is the difference between Iams and Eukanuba?

Although Iams and Eukanuba were initially created by the same company Procter and Gamble and is under the same industry, one should know that they still have differences.Iams is the brand that was created which in turn made itself a name in the cat and dog food industry. However, in order to raise the bar, they created Eukanuba and showed that all products under the label are the best in the market. Iams has a wider scope compared to Eukanuba as they sell various types of both cat and dog food. On the other hand, Eukanuba sells only the products whose ingredients are considered to be premium in quality.When comparing Iams and Eukanuba, one should not be confused as to which brand has the best quality products. It is important to remember that Iams itself put all their best products together and labelled them under the brand Eukanuba.


Iams vs Eukanuba

• Iams produces all types of cat and dog food while Eukanuba’s products are made with premium quality ingredients.

• Eukanuba is under the wing of Iams and not vice versa.