Difference Between IE9 and Google Chrome 10

IE9 vs Google Chrome 10

IE9 and Google Chrome 10 are the new versions of the popular internet browsers Internet Explorer and Google Chrome respectively. Internet Explorer is a part of the Windows operating system whereas Google Chrome can be downloaded separately. The Internet Explorer version 9 is the latest offering from Microsoft while Google Chrome 10 is also the latest one but it is still in beta phase.

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 is the latest version of Microsoft’s popular web browser. Microsoft is currently offering its release candidate as a free download. Internet Explorer 9 offered improved performance and new graphical abilities as compared to previous versions.

The websites act like the programs that are currently present on the computer due to hardware accelerated graphics, video and text. Websites look more interactive, graphics are responsive and clear, and there is smoother playability of high definition videos.

The installation time is also faster as compared to previous versions of internet explorer. The web pages are loaded in very less time and users don’t need to install the updates in separate manner.

There are streamlined as well as simplified navigational controls in the version. There is a bigger back button and the search box is combined with the address bar or the address bar also acts as a search bar.

Internet Explorer 9 also offers jump lists through which users can easily navigate to their favorite websites without even opening an instance of the web browser. However, this feature is available only in Windows 7.

Other features included in Internet Explorer 9 are thumbnail previews, pinned websites, icon overlays and allows searching and surfing at one place.

Google Chrome 10

Google Chrome 10 is developed by search giant Google. The version 10 is currently in its beta phase. The JavaScript V8 engine of Google Chrome includes the new crankshaft technology that allows the browser to be two times faster than the version 9.

GPU accelerated video is also introduced in this version that employs graphics hardware due to which the CPU usage is also decreased. The version 10 also provides the facility to sync passwords with extensions, preferences, themes and bookmarks. Ability to encrypt passwords is also provided by Google that allows users to sync own passphrase which ensures added security.

There is a new page for preferences/settings similar to the ones in Google Chrome OS. Users can check for updates by navigating to Settings>About and then check for updates for the latest version of Google Chrome.

Difference between Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome:

• Internet Explorer 9 is developed by Microsoft whereas Chrome browser is developed by Google.

• Both the web browsers are free to download from their respective websites.

• Microsoft is offering the release candidate of Internet Explorer 9 whereas Google Chrome 10 is still in its beta phase.

• Both the web browsers are hardware accelerated and makes use of graphics hardware which decreases the load on the CPU.