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Difference Between Immigration and Emigration

Immigration vs Emigration

Immigration and Emigration are two words that can cause due the non-comprehension of their meanings. It is important to know their meanings and the difference between them.

It is interesting to note that the two words immigration and emigration are almost opposites. Immigration means the movement of people to a country. On the other hand emigration means the movement of people from a country. This is the main difference between immigration and emigration.

It is important to know that both these words are derived from Latin. Immigration is derived from the Latin immigrare which means ‘to go into’. On the other hand emigration is derived from the Latin emigrare which means ‘to move’.

As a matter of fact both the words immigration and emigration have the same connotation as ‘to move’, but the only difference is in the direction of the movement. Some people simply understand immigration as moving into a country and emigration as moving out of a country.

In the same way an immigrant is one who moves into another country whereas an emigrant is a person who moves away from his own country. It is true that both immigration and emigration are controlled by different laws of the land. Between the laws of immigration and emigration, it is important to know that the laws pertaining to immigration are stricter.

The laws that pertain to immigration are stricter because of the fact that every host country for that matter is more concerned about its own citizens leaving it. On the other hand the laws of emigration are not very strict when compared to the laws of immigration.

Emigration has more reasons when compared to immigration in the sense that people come into a country in search of better job opportunities and living conditions. Sometimes we find them coming into a country due to fear of war.


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