Difference Between Impact and Implication

Key Difference – Impact vs Implication

Many people confuse the two words impact and implication when they are talking about the influences, consequences, and effects of something. Impact refers to a major influence or impact whereas implication refers to consequences that are likely to happen. The key difference between impact and implication is that, implications are not obvious or clear whereas impact is always direct and obvious.

What Does Impact Mean?

Impact is both a noun and a verb. As a noun, impact can have two meanings: it can refer to a major or powerful influence or effect, or the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another. For example,

It’s a miracle that he survived that impact.

This incident had a huge impact on my life.

Skipping lecturers can have a negative impact on your academic life.

The scientists researched its impact on the environment.

Impact also has two meanings as a verb: come into forcible contact with another object or have a strong effect on someone or something. For example,

These incidents didn’t impact his life positively.

The shell impacted few yards away.

However, it is only one of these meanings that always confuse many English learners. When impact denotes influence, it refers to how something affects another thing. Implications also have a similar meaning to impact.

Difference Between Impact and Implication

Divorce has a negative impact on a child’s life.

What Does Implication Mean?

Implication can also have a variety of meanings. But, in this article, we are only concerned with one of these meanings: possible consequences of something. Implication can refer to a future result or effect.  For example, the question, “What are the implications of this decision?” refer to possible consequences that can happen due to this decision. Thus, implications describe what can happen due to some action. Implications may be hidden and not understood by everyone. The word implication is often used to refer to consequences of recent actions or future actions.

Many people are unaware of the implications of this decision.

His retirement has major political implications.

They analyzed the practical implications of this discovery.

Implication can also refer to something that is suggested without being said directly.

Key Difference - Impact vs Implication

He realized the implications of their decision.

What is the difference between Impact and Implication?


Impact refers to a major or powerful influence.

Implications refer to possible consequences.

Can vs Will:

Impact describes what will happen due to some action.

Implication describes what can happen due to some action.

Direct vs Indirect:

Impact refer to direct influence.

Implications may be hidden.

Grammatical Category:

Impact is a noun and a verb.

Implication is a noun.

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