Difference Between India and Japan

India vs Japan

India and Japan are two countries that show lot of differences between them when it comes to their population, climate, political conditions, tourism, economy and the like.

The government of India is federal parliamentary constitutional republic and democratic. On the other hand the government of Japan is unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The Legislature in India is termed Sansad. On the contrary the Legislature in Japan is termed Diet of Japan.

The two countries differ from each other when it comes to their position in the globe. India lies in the south Asian region. On the other hand Japan lies in the East of Asia. India is a peninsula. On the contrary Japan is an archipelago. It can also be said that India forms a part of a larger subcontinent.

It is interesting to note that Japan’s economy is stable when compared to that of India. Industrialization in Japan is also more advanced when compared to the industrialization in India. The currency used in India is the rupee whereas the currency used in Japan is the yen.

Japan is characterized by the temperate type of climate. It is interesting to note that you would find the climate of Japan largely varied from north to south. On the other hand the climate in India is largely influenced by Thar Desert and the Himalayas. Hence you would find that four different types of climate called the tropical wet, tropical dry, subtropical humid and montane exist in India.

The economy of Japan is influenced by various industries in the production of electronics, machine tools, steel, ships, chemical substances and motor vehicles. Japan is known for its abundance in service sector too as it is a seat of banking, insurance, transportation, real estate and telecommunication.

On the other hand India’s economy is triggered by petroleum products, textile goods, engineering goods, software, gems and jewelry, chemicals, fertilizers, machinery and crude oil. India is in fact one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

India is characterized by the presence of several races. On the other hand Japan has a single race. Caste system is prevalent in India even now. On the other had Japan is devoid of caste system.

One of the important differences between India and Japan is that India was under the captivity of the English till it attained independence in the year 1947. On the other hand Japan was never held captive by any foreign nation. In other words Japan was never invaded.

It is interesting to note that India did not invade any country in the past but was in fact invaded by many countries. Several languages are spoken in India whereas Japan is not home to several languages. Japanese is its prime language.