Difference Between Indian Culture and Western Culture

Indian Culture vs Western Culture

There has been a lot of talk going on about the difference between Indian culture and Western culture. It is for sure that these two cultures differ to a great extent. Indian culture is said to be one of the oldest cultures in the world. Western culture is almost a kind of modern culture.

Western culture is characterized by new philosophies and methodologies. In fact Western culture has an altogether new approach to problems of life. Indian culture and Western culture differ with each other in several aspects such as food habits, etiquette, code of conduct, family, marital life, social life and religious life to mention a few areas.

The Indian way of eating pays more attention to the lunch part of the day. The Western way on the other hand gives more importance to the dinner aspect. They eat dinner heavier than lunch. Indians on the other hand eat lunch heavier than dinner. Indians revel in taking light dinner.

Etiquette in terms of manners and the way of dressing too differ between the two. Indians do not wear revealing dresses whereas the Western culture doe not say anything against wearing revealing dresses. Family life is given prime importance in Indian culture. There were big joint families in the past and are in present times too. Western culture does not boast joint family life.

These two show great differences in marital life. Indian culture does not encourage the concepts of multiple partners and nudity. Western culture on the other hand does not say anything against multiple partners and nudity.

Social mixing and night club entertainment is quite common in the Western culture. Indian culture on the other hand does not approve social mixing and night club entertainment. Indian culture boasts varied costumes when it comes to dresses. Western culture does not boast too many varieties of costumes.

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