Difference Between Industrial and Commercial

Industrial vs Commercial

Industrial and commercial are words that connote different pictures in our minds as soon as they come in front of our eyes. This is because of our perceptions about these two types of lands. Anyone who has been to an industrial area will vouch for the fact that it is nowhere as attractive or developed as a commercial place in or around a city. However, there are many other differences between industrial and commercial land that will be discussed below.

The first and probably the biggest difference between an industrial and a commercial land pertain to its use. Whereas industrial place is full of factories, it is obvious this land is primarily used for production of goods. In comparison, a commercial place is always one of the prime properties situated in the heart of the city and used to sell and trade in goods and services.

Another huge difference between industrial and commercial place lies in their values. Whereas a commercial place is highly valued because of its location and potential to attract a huge number of customers, an industrial land is always on the outskirts of a city and is usually not so highly priced. However, when the industrial land is in proximity to airports, sea ports or railways, it is highly priced as transportation of goods produced becomes easy.

Commercial land is always more beautiful than an industrial place. This is because this is where retailers and those who sell their services have their shops and offices. In contrast industrial place is quieter receiving only limited traffic and do not require beautification on a grand scale.

Commercial place is always in the heart of the city whereas industrial place is always far away from all the hustle and bustle of the city.