Difference Between Information and Intelligence

Information vs Intelligence

Difference between information and intelligence is distinct in their definitions and meanings, but it is an interesting topic to discuss as they are two interrelated subjects. Both terms, information and intelligence, function as nouns in English language. Information is data or knowledge of something learned or gained from somewhere. Intelligence, on the other hand, can be defined as the ability to comprehend, understand, logic, memory planning, etc. Information is available everywhere to anybody, but intelligence could be different from one person to another. However, both terms have an interrelationship with each other. Information may help to increase the level of intelligence in a person.

What does Information mean?

Information is data that contain a message or knowledge of something and also it can be shortened as “info” as well. Everything a person knows can be regarded as knowledge and this knowledge is usually in the form of information. Information can give answers to problems that arise in humans, since they carry knowledge. It can be seen that somebody requires his/her intelligence to acquire information. Information may not come to a person, but the person may have to search for it. Thus, it needs to have intelligence. In one’s process of education, he/she collects information and expands their existing knowledge.

There are various methods through which a person can get information on different things. By reading, observing, talking with each other, researching one can have access to information. Also, information can be encoded to different media and they can be transmitted through speech, signals or signs. Information interpretation, however, requires knowledge and abilities of a particular person who receives information.

What does Intelligence mean?

Intelligence can be defined as the intellectual capacity of a human being or any other species. As mentioned above, intelligence is one of the main requirements to have access to different information. Intelligence is usually characterized by the ability to perceive something, understanding, logical thinking and self-awareness, etc. Due to intelligence, human beings gain the cognitive ability to learn and to analyze various things. Moreover, intelligence is the driving force of humans to solve their problems with reasoning, to plan certain things and most importantly to use a language to communicate and share ideas. It is because of the intelligence that any person gets to experience the material and conceptual world around them. It enables individuals’ thinking and experiencing power of their surroundings. However, intelligence is not equal in each and every human being. Due to many factors, the level of intelligence may be varied from one person to another. It is important to note that, it is not only humans who possess intelligence. Even animal beings have their own intellectual capacities. Further, now we have robots or artificial intelligence, created by humans, who also have a considerable level of intelligence.

Difference Between Information and Intelligence

What is the difference between Information and Intelligence?

When we consider about both terms, we see an interrelationship between them.

• Information is available to any person, anywhere in the world equally.

• In contrast, intelligence is something innate to humans and the level of intelligence varies from one person to another.

• Information collection of a person depends on the level of that person’s intelligence. In that sense, there is an interrelationship between the two terms.

• However, both information and intelligence are important to humans because they survive their lives based on these two factors. When a problem arises, both information and intelligence are needed to find a solution.