Difference Between Infosys and Wipro

Infosys vs Wipro

Infosys and Wipro are two of the leading IT service providers in India. When it comes to information technology in India, three names stand out among others, Infosys, Wipro, and TCS, and not necessarily in that order. For those aspiring to have a career in IT sector, these three are the companies that provide excellent opportunities in terms of perks, job satisfaction and career growth. In this article, we would concentrate on Infosys and Wipro and try to find out the basic differences in areas of functioning and objectives of the two companies. Both are natural competitors and there is a great, healthy rivalry between the two IT giants when it comes to acquiring deals and generating profits.


Founded by N.R. Narayanamurthy along with 6 other entrepreneurs in 1981, Infosys is one of the leading information technology service companies in India. Headquartered in Bangalore in Karnataka, it was started with a meager INR 10000. Today it employs over 120000 people and has operations in many countries of the world including China, Japan, Australia, UK, US, Canada and Indonesia. It is listed in BSE and NASDAQ.

Infosys brought a public issue in 1993 but it was undersubscribed. At that time its issue was bailed out by Morgan Stanley, and since then the company has not looked back with its share value rising exponentially over the years. Its operating income in 2010 was USD 4.59bn and profits stood at USD 1.26bn. It is rated as the best employer of the country. Infosys received more than 1.3 million applications in 2010 of which it hired less than 3% of the candidates.

Wipro Ltd

WIPRO is another giant IT services company in India, and incidentally, it is also headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. Apart from IT, WIPRO also has presence in consumer care, lighting, healthcare and engineering. It was rated as the 9th most valuable brand in 2010. Azim Premji is the chairman of the company and also its founder. Business Process Outsourcing is one of the chief operations of the company and it employs nearly 22000 people in WIPRO BPO.

Differences between Infosys and Wipro

• WIPRO employs more than 115000 people in its different operations. Its operating income in 2010 stood at $1.144bn and the profits were $1.02bn. Though it lags behind INFOSYS in terms of operating income, it is rubbing shoulders with Infosys when it comes to profits generated.

• Among the two, Infosys is more active when it comes to hiring new people. Currently Infosys is hiring nearly 6000 people every year. Wipro focuses on hiring fresh graduates, while Infosys is more into luring professionals from other companies.

• As far as acquiring new clients with their products and services is concerned, both appear to be on the same platform but whereas Infosys is keep on expanding its operations abroad, Wipro seems content with expanding within the country.


• Both Infosys and Wipro are giant IT companies of India.

• While Infosys is listed in NASDAQ, Wipro is not.

• Infosys concentrates solely on IT, while Wipro has operations in other sectors also.

• Infosys has business centers in many other countries.