Difference Between Internal and External Customers

Internal vs External Customers

Internal and external customers (buyers, clients or purchaser) pertain to a potential or current buyer and user of products of an organization, also known as vendor, seller, or supplier. Majority of these people generally buy or rent products or services.

Internal Customer

Internal customer is a division, individual or unit employee who purchases or is the receiver of products, materials, services or information from other units in the same company (internal supplier). This is practiced by a number of companies in order to train the workers on how to deal and treat external customers effectively. In this way, they are consciously aware of how they work and they help in the enhancement of the quality.

External Customer

External customers are customers who don’t belong to the organization. In different terms, they are purchasers of the products’ (service) of that business but in no way affiliated with the company. These may also pertain to customers who purchase or rent products that are not of the same company, but they are affiliated in the same industry. Those who drop by and check the products are still considered one.

Difference between Internal and External Customers

Internal customers are people who are connected with the company. They are purchasing the products right from inside the business while external customers are in no way affiliated with the company. Internal customers know the sellers pretty well so they know how to make bargains and get it at a reasonable price while external customers are not personally familiar with the sellers, it would be hard for some to get them at nice prices. Internal customers, even if they don’t get to bargain the products, can avail of bigger discounts unlike the external customers who get the usual price.

Internal and external customers always want to get good products when buying something. No matter what their position in the company is, clients treat them the same way and still maintain good customer service.

In brief:

• Internal customer and external customer are potential or current buyers.

• Internal customers are buyers who are associated with the organization they are buying the product.

• External customers are buyers who are not affiliated with the company they are purchasing the product or services.