Difference Between iPhone 4S 16GB and 32GB and 64GB

iPhone 4S 16GB vs 32GB vs 64GB

iPhone 4S 16GB vs 32GB vs 64GB | Speed, Features and Performance | Price, Availability

Apple released iPhone 4S on 4 October 2011; the fifth version iPhone features 1GHz dual core Apple A5 Processor and runs the latest iOS 5. Though Apple has adopted the same design as iPhone 4, it is twice faster and offers 7+ times better graphic performance. iPhone 4S has three variations based on the internal memory capacity; also, two color variations are available to cater the wide range of user market. iPhone 4S comes with 16GB, 32GB, and 64 GB internal memory. The variations are only in the storage capacity, which is not going to affect any speed or performance. Price difference depends on the internal memory capacities, and it is similar to the pricing of iPhone 4 at release.

iPhone 4 has variations in the range of 8 GB to 32 GB, whereas iPhone 4S has variations in the range of 16 GB to 64 GB. The memory size will not affect the performance of the iPhone 4S. This is like a computer hard disk. If you are multimedia lover then it’s better to go with 32GB or 64GB; thus, you can store loads of songs, videos and films. Otherwise iPhone 4S 16GB is sufficiently enough for day today usage. Even with 16GB iPhone 4S you can enjoy a lot of songs and movies by storing in iCloud, which will wirelessly push them to all your iDevices. Since Memory is costly, higher the memory higher the price. 64 GB is expensive than 32GB iPhone 4, which is expensive than 16GB iPhone 4.

iPhone 4S Prices (Available from 14 October 2011)

16GB 32GB 64GB
US (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon)
On Contract (2Years New Contract) $199.99 $299.99 $399.99
Unlocked Contract-free (available   from Nov 2011) $649.99 $749.99 $849.99
Unlocked Contract-free $649.99 $749.99 $849.99
UK (Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Three)
Unlocked Contract-free  £499  £599  £699
On Contract (2Years New Contract) Orange – from £46 Monthly Plan 

T-Mobile – from £45.95 Monthly Plan


Vodafone – from £41 Plan


Three – from £35 Monthly Plan

Australia (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone)
Unlocked Contract-free  A$799  A$899 A$999
On Contract (2Years New Contract)  Telstra – from A$79 Monthly Plan + Handset 

Optus – from A$79 Monthly Plan + Handset


Vodafone – from A$59 Monthly Plan + Handset

 Telstra – A$83 Monthly Plan + Handset 

Optus – from A$85 Monthly Plan + Handset


Vodafone – from A$65 Monthly Plan + Handset

 Telstra – A$88 Monthly Plan + Handset 

Optus – from A$106 Monthly Plan + Handset


Vodafone – from A$70 Monthly Plan + Handset