Difference Between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy

iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are two of the most popular and loved smartphones on the scene. While, iPhone is in its fourth edition, and has been evolving all the time getting better and faster, Galaxy is undoubtedly the best Android OS has had to offer till date. For a long time people thought that iPhone is miles ahead of the competition, and there is no catching up at the moment, but Galaxy has emerged as a potent threat to the supremacy of iPhone. Let us see how the two stunning gadgets fare against each other.

Though it is not fair to compare two devices running on different operating systems, one cannot restrain from a comparison between these two different breeds as what people want is a phone that has the best features, and is user friendly and they are not unduly concerned with the operating system, do they? For the record, iPhone runs on iOS4 which is the latest OS developed by Apple exclusively for its iPhones. On the other hand, Galaxy from Samsung runs on the latest version of Android, a mobile OS developed by Google. While iOS is tried and trusted having been around for 4 years now, Android is a relatively new phenomenon but has been extremely successful and provides millions around the world a worthy competitor to the hegemony of Apple’s smartphones.

Galaxy S II is the latest  phone in the Galaxy series. The bigger the better is perhaps the mantra of Samsung as it boasts a screen that is much bigger (4.3 inches) than iPhone4 (3.5 inches). In fact, this difference is enough to allure many who want a bigger screen for watching videos on their phone. Despite larger screen, resolution of iPhone is still higher (640×960 pixels) when compared with Galaxy (480×800 pixels). Till Galaxy arrived on the scene, iPhone was the thinnest smartphone around, but galaxy S II has usurped the title of thinnest smartphone from Apple being just 8.5 mm, whereas iPhone is 9.3 mm thick. Galaxy is also lighter (116g) than iPhone (137g).

As told earlier, Galaxy S2 runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, whereas iPhone4 runs on iOS4. Galaxy boasts of a super fast 1.2 GHz dual core processor, while iPhone4 has a single core 1 GHz processor. Even in RAM, galaxy S II is ahead as it provides 1 GB of RAM in comparison to 512 MB RAM in iPhone4. iPhone is available in 16 G and 32 GB models with no provision to use micro SD cards, whereas internal memory can be easily expanded through micro SD cards in Galaxy.

Though both Galaxy S 2 and iPhone 4 are dual camera devices, Galaxy has an 8 MP camera at the rear whereas iPhone4 has 5 MP camera at the back. While the camera in Galaxy can record HD videos in 1080p, the camera in iPhone can record HD videos in just 720p. Even the secondary camera in Galaxy is better (2 MP) than a VGA one in iPhone.

While both smartphones are Wi-Fi, Galaxy has additional features such as HDMI, DLNA, Bluetooth v3.0 (as compared to v2.1 in iPhone4), and FM radio. Galaxy has full HTML browser with total Adobe Flash 10.1 support whereas iPhone4 has Safari browser with little Flash support. The battery in Galaxy is more powerful (1650mAh) than that in iPhone (1420mAh). Users can remove and replace the battery in their Galaxy whereas this is not possible in iPhone4.

Both smartphones are similarly priced, and where iPhone is available only on the network of AT&T and Verizon in US., Galaxy is available on the network of at least 5 service providers.

In brief:

Difference between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

• Galaxy has a bigger display (4.3 inch) than iPhone4 (3.5 inch)

• iPhone still has higher resolution (640X960 pixels) than Galaxy (480X800 pixels)

• Galaxy has a faster processor (1.2 GHz dual core) than that of iPhone (1 GHz single core)

• Galaxy has a higher RAM (1 GB) than iPhone (512 MB)

• Galaxy has a better camera (8 MP) than iPhone (5 MP)

• Galaxy has FM radio while iPhone does not

• iPhone4 is available in two models with 16 GB and 32 GB internal storage whereas memory is expandable in Galaxy through micro SD cards