Difference Between Islam and Yahudi

Islam vs Yahudi

Islam and Yahudi are two kinds of religious beliefs that show some differences between them. Islam is the religion based on the teachings of Mohammed the Prophet. On the other hand Yahudi is the belief of a tribe called the Yahudah tribe that says that Allah is the only God. This is one of the main differences between Islam and Yahudi.

It is interesting to note that Yahudi is the result of the split in the Israelite rule. The rule was split into north and south fragments. As a result of this split, Israel constituted the northern split whereas the southern split was called by the name Yahudah.

The early part of Islamic period showed differences between Islam and Yahudi. History shows that there arose a kind of war between the followers of Mohammed and the believers of the lone power called Allah. The war was actually between the followers of the Prophet and the rest of the Arabian land that constituted the non-believers of Prophet as the highest order. The rest of the Arabian world believed that Allah is the only God.

Yahudi tribe is considered to be characterized by great economic status. On the other hand the economic status of the Muslims is not high when compared to that of the Yahudi. This is one of the primary reasons why Yahudi controls the Israel of today. It is possible only by virtue of their high economic status.

On the other hand Mushrikeen tribe controls the economic situation from the Arabian world to Africa. Yahudis have moved into Palestine and have become more independent and presently they are no longer considered as the non-believers. Prophet is the power-base of Muslim whereas Allah is the power-base of the Yahudis. It is interesting to note that war between the two took place on the outcome of the transfer of knowledge.

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    Its wrong totally wrong post. Donot write what u donot know. Foul difference. Muslims believe in ALLAH as the only God and Muhammad s.a.w as the last prophet.