Difference Between Jack Russell and Rat Terrier

Jack Russell vs Rat Terrier

Jack Russell and Rat Terrier are very energetic and athletic dogs with much importance to offer for the owners. Both Jack Russell and Rat terriers are small to medium size dogs with slender but strong physiques. They both can be regarded as versatile dog breeds with many capabilities, yet those are different between the two.

Jack Russell Terrier

This is a small terrier developed in England for foxhunting. They have a white coloured short and rough coat of fur with brown or black patches. They are not very tall and heavy, but the height at the withers is about 25 to 38 centimetres and the weight ranges around 5.9 – 7.7 kilograms. In fact, it is a compact and balanced body structure. Their head is balanced and proportionate to the body. The skull is flat and narrowed towards eyes and ends up with nostrils. Their ears are V-shaped and flapped forwards as in fox terriers. They are energetic dogs and require heavy exercises and stimulations for a better health. Jack Russell terriers can live a long life ranging around 13 – 16 years.

Rat Terrier

Rat terrier is traditionally respected as a dog type rather than as a dog breed. However, two prominent kennel clubs (known as the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club) consider the Rat terrier as a dog breed in the miscellaneous category. A speciality of these dogs is that they are all-around farm dogs and excellent hunting companions. Rat terrier was originated in the United States, and their excellent ability to catch pest rats has been the reason for their name.

Rat terriers have a single-layered short coat, which always should have a shiny appearance and a smooth texture. The height at withers could range from 25 to 46 centimetres while the weight could be anywhere within 4.5 – 11 kilograms. That means the Rat terriers are found in a slightly wide range of sizes. Additionally, the United Kennel Club acknowledges a miniature size of Rat terriers for a maximum height of 30 centimetres at the withers. They usually have erect or semi-erect ears, but it would be important to notice that all these ear postures resemble an alerted and intelligent appearance for the dog. These dogs are available in a wide range of colours such as chocolate, tan, black, pearl, lemon, and apricot. However, the presence of a significant amount of the white colour is always necessary. Rat terrier has a sleeky musculature with slender bones.

Rat terriers, usually, love to be athletic as much as possible, but some individuals prefer to be much calmer than others are. Generally, Rat terriers are not very aggressive, unlike many other terriers. It would be fascinating to know that these excellent companions can live about 15 – 23 years, which is a very long time for a dog.

Jack Russell vs Rat Terrier

• Jack Russell was originated in England, but Rat terrier comes from the United States.

• Jack Russell was developed for foxhunting, whereas Rat terrier has been mainly used in pest controlling of rats.

• Jack Russell is a widely accepted standard dog breed while the Rat terriers are considered more as a type than a breed.

• Jack Russell is usually smaller than Rat terriers.

• The range of body size is much higher in Rat terriers than in Jack Russell terrier.

• Fur coat is rough in Jack Russell, whereas it is smooth in Rat terriers.

• Rat terriers can live much longer than Jack Russell terriers.

  • Jude Messner

    Your statement ” Fur coat is rough in Jack Russell, whereas it is smooth in Rat terriers” is incorrect, otherwise good article. For info on the JRT see the JRTCA website