Difference Between Jam and Marmalade

Jam vs Marmalade

Jam and marmalade are fruit preserves that are very similar to each other. They are usually canned or bottled, and their production processes are basically the same. They are usually paired with bread or toast during breakfast or tea time. But how are they different?


Jam is made from any kind of fruit. Jam usually contain fruit pieces and fruit juice, but only from one kind of fruit, not any combination. The fruit is usually boiled and then mashed or pureed and then cooked in a sugar and water mixture. After cooking, they are then cooled and placed in cans or bottles to prolong their shelf life.


Marmalades are similar to jam in the sense that they are also prepared by using fruit and then cooking it in the sugar and water mixture. However, marmalades only use a certain type of fruit, the citrus kind. Oranges, lemons, pineapples and other citrus fruits is the main ingredient of marmalades and their rind, pulp and juice are the only parts that are used.

Difference between Jam and Marmalade

Jams and marmalades are similar in the fact they use fruit as their main ingredient. It’s just that marmalades only use citrus fruits. Also, one jam is only made from one fruit while marmalades can be a combination of citrus fruits. Another thing is that jam uses the whole fruit, while marmalades only use certain parts. Experts say that the best kind of jams and marmalades are those with a soft and even texture. You should not be able to feel any fruit pieces left and they should be easily spread without any noticeable liquid separating from the jelly.

Jams and marmalades are indeed wonderful additions to our breads and toasts. It’s just a matter of preference on what is better according to your tastes.

In brief:

• Jams are made from any fruit that is boiled and then pureed or mashed and then added to a water and sugar mixture for cooking. They are made from only one type of fruit and not combinations. They also typically use the whole fruit in the process.

• Marmalades are only made with citrus fruits, following the same general procedure as jams however a combination of citrus fruits can be made into marmalades. They also only use certain parts of the fruits, namely the rind, pulp and juice.