Difference Between Java and JavaScript

Java vs JavaScript

Java and JavaScript are programming languages. Java is an object oriented programming language whereas JavaScript is more of a scripting language. Both can be used to make web pages more interactive. However, Java is also used to develop server side applications and standalone programming.


Java is an object oriented programming language. In early 1990s, Sun Microsystems developed the Java language. Initially, it was designed to make small programs for the web browser called applets. But later on, Java was used to create applications based on e-commerce.

There are five main features of Java language:

• Provides more flexibility to develop software applications because of object oriented approach.

• Easy to use as it combines the best properties of other programming languages.

• Allows code written in Java to run on different platforms or Java code is independent of platform.

• The code from the remote source can be executed securely.

• Built-in support for computer networks.

Java also supports automated memory management model that allows developers to get rid of the time consuming method called manual memory management. Programmers can easily do this by implementing automatic garbage collection. But according to some people, Java is slow as well as consumes more memory than other programming languages such as C++.


JavaScript is also a programming language which is used to make web pages more dynamic as well as interactive. Constant downloads from the server are not required in case of JavaScript as it runs on the user’s computer. JavaScript is different from the Java programming language.

Most modern day web browsers have built-in JavaScript. However, JavaScript based web pages can run only if JavaScript is enabled on the web browser and the browser supports it. JavaScript is enabled in most browsers by default.

No special program is required in order to write code in JavaScript as it is an interpreted language. You can use any text editor such as Notepad in order to write JavaScript code. You can also use other text editor that colorizes the different codes making it easier to detect any error.

JavaScript is different from HTML because JavaScript is used to create more dynamic web pages while HTML is a markup language that is used to create static content on the web page.

You can insert the JavaScript code in a HTML file by using the <script> tag. But if you want to use the script in different pages of the website then you can save the scripts in different files with .js extension.

Difference between Java and JavaScript

• Java is an object oriented programming language whereas JavaScript is more of a scripting language.

• JavaScript is used to make the web pages more interactive. However, Java can be used not only to make interactive web pages but can also be used to create server side applications and standalone programming.

• Java uses the concept of classes and objects that makes reuse of the code easier but there is no such thing in JavaScript.

• Java exhibits the properties like inheritance, data encapsulation and polymorphism whereas JavaScript does not.

  • popescu

    java vs javascript differences start from from bytecode compiler vs embedded interpereter in browser.Both generate bytecode.
    Even the name is the same due to language words and construction, they really act different.
    Scripts are memory area of bytecode which are embedded in browser agent memory area and can deal with web pages caches but has ther own memory model.This bytecode decorate the html tree of web pages as event’s actions.The restrictions imposed by embedded condition to bytecode “compiler” turn it into an “interpreter”,so we have only prototypes not hierachical classes with inheritance mechanism, flat scopes ie function scoped algorithms vs block scoped, weak typed variables , only dynamic binding with other library bytecodes function ,the interpreter cannot link static pieces of bytecodes rather present an inline execution in virtual machine.
    Key words : proptotype,function scoped,only dynamic binding, inline
    Java is a compiler.

  • ericdrowell

    wow seriously? Every single point about this post is 100% false:

    1) JavaScript IS an object oriented language, it’s a prototype-based OOP language. You can create objects from constructor functions with the new keyword, or you can create object literals.

    2) NodeJS is the fastest growing server side language today, and guess what, it’s JavaScript

    3) Again, JavaScript is as much of an OO language as Java, if not more so.

    4) JavaScript has excellent inheritance support. In fact, there are several inheritance patterns which can be implemented, including classical inheritance, prototypal inheritance, swiss inheritance, parasitic inheritance, and others.

    A note to the author – please don’t confuse people who are new to JavaScript by writing this crap. You clearly don’t understand even the fundamentals of JavaScript, so you should’t be posting about it.