Difference Between Jeans and Jeggings

Jeans vs Jeggings

Jeans is one garment or readymade apparel that has become very popular across the world. Jeans is a word that needs no introduction whether you live in New York or Nepal. There is another fashion apparel making rounds in markets around the world and being called Jeggings that are confusing some people. Jeggings look just like jeans though there are differences that will be talked about in this article.


There is hardly a soul that does not know what a jeans is. If there is one garment that has been accepted in all cultures across the globe and has a universal appeal among both men, as well as women, it is undoubtedly jeans. What was introduced by Levi Strauss in 1872 as new workpants has today become a rage among the youth and a symbol of rebellion, ruggedness, and youthfulness. People of all ages wear jeans as a casual wear and women are not behind men in wearing jeans.

The styling of the workpants with copper buttons that were riveted at different places to give strength to stitching caught the imagination of the people. The blue color that was used to dye the denim cloth became so popular and even today that it is considered as the original color of the jeans.

Jeans is considered a very casual form of trousers but wore by people of all backgrounds and ages. Even Hollywood celebrities and politicians proudly wear jeans and this has played a big role in popularizing this casual wear further.


If you know what leggings are, just visualize them being made of denim and you know what Jeggings are. If anything, Jeggings can be described as a blend of jeans and leggings. However, as all leggings have elastic at the waist to fit healthy people easily, Jeggings made out of denim have spandex at the waist. Jeggings are skinny, and they fit tightly. However, they remain comfortable because of their stretch that is a result of lycra or spandex added in denim. Thus, even though Jeggings look like jeans, they are as comfortable as traditional leggings.

What is the difference Between Jeans and Jeggings?

• Jeggings are a crossover between leggings and jeans

• Jeans are made of denim, but Jeggings involve the use of a material that also includes spandex

• Jeggings are thicker than leggings but somewhat thinner than jeans

• Jeggings are very skinny, whereas jeans have various fits

• Jeans do not have elastic waist but Jeggings do

• Jeggings are meant for comfort and tough they look like jeans, they are closer to leggings