Difference Between Jefferson and Jackson

Jefferson vs Jackson

The names of the ex-Presidents of USA, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are taken in the same breath, and there is even a Jefferson Jackson Day that is celebrated by the democrats for fundraising endeavor. The two democratic presidents had similar views, and there were great similarities in the policies of these two towering personalities of US polity. However, there were also differences that will be talked about in this article.


Thomas Jefferson was a towering personality who wrote the declaration of American Independence and became the third President of the country. He was the founder of the Democratic Republican Party and even served as the Secretary of State in the cabinet of George Washington. He was first elected President in 1801and is known as the President who purchased Louisiana from France. During his second term, he passed a bill that banned the import of slaves into the country. He is till date considered as one of the greatest Presidents served the country.


Jackson was the 7th President of the US and considered as a great democratic President by the historians. He is hailed for his role in protecting liberty and democracy. He is also known for his policies that supported power for individual states though he wanted a strong federal government too. He is the President who was strongly against a central bank and, in fact, ensured that the national bank collapsed by vetoing the renewal of its charter. He is also known for the passage of the Indian Removal Act that resulted in relocation of thousands of natives into a territory now known as Oklahoma.

Jefferson vs Jackson

• Jefferson was portrayed as a man of the people, but he was a wealthy farmer who did everything to protect the interests of the rich and the wealthy as a President. He let the Bank of the US continue and even purchased Louisiana from the French. On the contrary, Jackson was actually the man of the people who pushed for the demolition of the National Bank. He was a President who could easily mingle with the common people.

• Jefferson believed that to be able to vote a man should have property as if having property was a qualification. Jackson did not believe in this doctrine. Jefferson was of the view that only the educated elite should be given a chance to rule as it had the experience of managing men (read slaves). Jackson believed that all white men were eligible to hold office.

• Jefferson feared industrialization as he felt it would harm the interests of farmers. However, Jackson felt that industrialization was essential for the development.

• Jefferson opposed the Bank of the United States (BUS) but allowed it to continue. On the other hand, Jackson saw to it that the BUS was actually demolished.

• Both owned slaves and Jackson had no particular views on slavery though Jefferson believed slavery was an evil that would eventually end.

• Jefferson did not view natives as equals. Jackson also had a negative attitude towards the Native Americans.