Difference Between Jegging and Legging

Jegging vs Legging

Most of us know what leggings are as they have become common apparel worn by girls, to cover the lower part of their bodies, especially the legs. This garment goes with most of the tops worn by girls and is made of a stretchable material, to give a lot of comfort even though it appears to be very skinny. There is another garment doing rounds in the markets these days, and it has many similarities with legging. The name of this garment is Jegging, and many confuse to differentiate between it and a legging because of these similarities. This article attempts to highlight the differences between a Jegging and a legging for such readers.


Legging has been in use for centuries, and it has been worn by both men and women across cultures. These are skin tight trousers made of very stretchable material and usually have spandex at the top to have a grip around the waist. Leggings are worn at the waist, to cover both legs down to the ankle or calves. Leggings are worn, not just for fashion, but also by men and women during exercising to have comfort.

Leggings may be plain in different colors, or they may be printed, striped, or have any other pattern. They are very popular among women as street fashion. Leggings go well with almost all kinds of long tops and kurtis. This is the reason these garments are popular even in conservative countries. Having an elastic waist, these leggings are more comfortable than the traditional salwars that have to make use of strings to hold on to the waist of the person wearing them. Today there are many variations of leggings available in the markets that are made of different fabrics. Leather leggings made their way into the market a few years ago while these days, jeggings, leggings made of denim are creating a lot of buzz.


Tight fitting jeans have created a rage among women. It is extremely popular and has been in fashion for the last many years. Unlike different fits in men, tight fitting jeans seems to have become a permanent shape of jeans as far as women are concerned. Women also like this fit very much as having been made of denim and spandex, it stretches to provide comfort, unlike non stretch jeans. Skin fitting jeans also allows a woman to flaunt her shapely figure through the silhouette that is visible in a pair of skinny jeans. This is perhaps the reason why this look is sought to be replicated in leggings. Manufacturers have gone a step ahead and created a garment that is a crossover between skinny jeans and leggings. This is called Jegging, a garment that looks just like jeans but provides much more comfort because of spandex having been mixed with denim. Jegging is a hybrid that allows even thickset women to wear easily something that gives the appearance of jeans though it is as comfortable as a legging.

What is the difference between Jeggings and Leggings?

• Jegging is legging made of denim.

• Jegging is a crossover between jeans and legging.

• Jegging has an elastic waist to allow thick women to wear it like jeans.

• Jegging looks just like jeans but is much more comfortable.