Difference Between Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce

Jennifer Lopez vs Beyonce

Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce are two singing artists working nicely in their field of music. Both are equally stunning, voluptuous and talented female artists who are ruling the music industry. For the fans of both these stunning artists, this is a small comparison to find the aspects which makes their favorite artist better than the other one.

Jennifer Lynn Lopez

Jennifer Lynn Lopez (known mostly as J. Lo or Jennifer Lopez) was born in New York, in United States of America on 24th of July, 1969. Jennifer Lopez is one of the three daughters of her parents. Her elder sister is a housewife as well as an opera singer. The younger sister of Lopez is a DJ and also a correspondent of the New York Channel 11. Jennifer started taking interest in singing and dancing and started taking lessons when she was 5 years old. Jennifer has attended Catholic School for 12 years where she was a player of softball, tennis and a gymnast. Jennifer worked for a small time in a law office. While she was working at this office, she continued to work at dance and singing classes. Jennifer finally started her career when she was casting in ‘In Living Color’ that came in the year 1990.

Beyonce Giselle Knowles

Beyonce Giselle Knowles (Commonly known as Beyonce) was born in Texas in United States of America on 4th of September, 1981. Beyonce and members of her group were found by Whitney Houston who brought her in to the international music industry. Beyonce has written and acted as producer of a number of her songs as well as the songs of her group which include famous songs like ’Booylicious’, ‘Nasty Girl’, Happy Face, ‘Independent Women’ and ‘Jumpin Jumpin’.

Difference between Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce

Jennifer Lopez got her education from catholic schools. After her education, she started going to dance schools while she worked for a living. Beyonce discovered the potential of dancing and signing in her when she was in her elementary school. Jennifer Lopez started her career of music with the release of her album ’On the 6’ in the year 1999. Most of the songs of that album achieved the top charts in the music industry. Beyonce first worked as an actor after which she released a few songs before her debut album which was titled as ‘Dangerously in Love’. Beyonce has earned places in top charts with singles from her album ‘I Am…. Sasha Fierce’. Both of the actresses have worked and acted in a number of movies. Jennifer Lopez has worked in a few movies and TV serials since the year 1995. She starred in the hit movie ‘Selena’ which earned her fame from the acting career. She also worked in a few more romantic comedy movies. The first movie which earned name to Beyonce was ‘Goldmember’. After that movie, she has worked in ‘Fighting Temptations’ and one of her new movies is going to be released which means she is going to continue her acting career as well. Jennifer Lopez belongs to the Puerto Rican area of USA while Beyonce belongs to African America. Jennifer and Beyonce both work in the R&B as well as Pop genre of music. Jennifer Lopez is performing the duties of judge in this season of American Idol while Beyonce is working on her film career these days.