Difference Between Jets and Giants

Jets vs Giants

Jets and Giants are two football teams that play in the NFL and are known for their long standing rivalry. Both teams, known respectively as New York Giants and New York Jets, have their own armies of loyal fans who are there to boost the morale of their teams when they play their games in the NFL. Hailing from the same place, the two teams have a lot of similarities, but their differences are what contribute to the rivalry between them. This article attempts to take a closer look at the differences between the Giants and the Jets.

Jets (New York Jets)

Jets play in the Eastern Division of the AFC in NFL. While the team was originally called the Titans of New York in the AFL, the franchise of the team chose NFL over AFL after the merger of the two leagues. In 1968, New York Jets became the first AFL team to beat a club of NFL in the World Championship. This was when they defeated Baltimore Colts in their first playoffs. Since then, Jets have appeared in no less than 13 playoffs and 4 AFC Championship matches. In their long history at the NFL, jets have had great rivalries with several teams such as New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, and New York Giants.

Giants (New York Giants)

New York Giants is a professional football team that plays in the Eastern Division of the NFC in NFL. It is a club based at New Jersey and represents entire metropolitan area of New York. The interesting thing about its home games is that the team has to share the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey with New York Jets. Giants are one of the oldest teams in NFL having joined way back in 1925. Giants have won the title 8 times, four before the era of Super Bowl and 4 after the advent of Super Bowl. Giants have had intense rivalry with Philadelphia Eagles and Jets.

Jets vs Giants (New York Giants vs New York Jets)

• Jets and Giants come from the same city making them the only intra-city rivalry in the entire history of NFL

• Since 1969, the two teams have met on the field only 13 times with Giants having won 8 of these encounters

• Many question the rivalry between Jets and Giants given the abysmally low number of times the two teams face off each other in NFL

• Giants are seen as a club that rarely overpays to sign a player, whereas Jets are believed to be a club that pays whatever it takes to sign a player for a contract

• Giants have 5 appearances at the Super Bowl

• Giants have won 4 titles at the Super Bowl, whereas Jets have won just one title at the Super Bowl

• Giants have won 5 of the last 8 games between the two teams