Difference Between Jew and Zionist

Jew vs Zionist

Difference between Jew and Zionist may be a bit troublesome to understand because they are both interrelated. However, when you understand the two entities, Jew and Zionist, separately, understanding the difference between the two is not that hard or troublesome. The term Jew comes from the tribe of Judah and, in Bible, Jews are described as Hebrews or Children of Israel. Judaism is the traditional faith of Jews. The word Judaism originated from the Hebrew Bible and is considered by Jews as an expression of a relationship of God with the Children of Israel. Of the total population of Jews worldwide, about 42% live in Israel while another 42% live in the US and Canada. Rest of the Jews are scattered in different parts of the world. Zionism is a political movement of the Jews that stems from strong desire to reunite all the Jews and to resettle them in their homeland, which is Israel. There are other differences also that will be discussed in this article.

Who is a Jew?

A Jew is a member of a community whose traditional religion is Judaism and who traces their origins back to the ancient Hebrew people of Israel. The holy book of a Jew is Torah. Jewish people trace back their origins to the important biblical characters such as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Difference Between Jew and Zionist

During the World War 2, Jews had a very unlucky fate. Due to the hatred of Nazis, Jews were killed, tortured in thousand by Germany under the order of Adolf Hitler. Six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust.

Israel is a Jewish state. Israel has a law called Law of Return. According to Law of Return, any Jew who requests right of citizenship is granted it.

Who is a Zionist?

Zionist is someone who believes in Zionism or a follower of Zionism. The state of Israel was created in 1948, and since then, in a bid to protect Jewish community in the face of continued threats to its existence, many Jews have been trying to move forward the movement called Zionism. Though there are many other forms of Zionism such as cultural and religious Zionism, the focus of Zionism has traditionally been to claim Israel as the homeland of the Jews and to finally lead to a right to self determination for all Jews worldwide. There is also political Zionism. Political Zionism emphasizes the importance of taking political action to resolve this problem. Also, it says that gaining political rights in Palestine is a prerequisite for reaching the goal of the Zionist empire.

 Jew vs Zionist

Protest against Zionism.

Not all Jews subscribe to the theory propounded by Zionists, and as such though all Zionists are Jews, the reverse is not true. Zionism was criticized by the UN and a resolution was passed in 1975 banning Zionism as a form of racism but was repealed in 1991 because of Arab-Israel conflict.

What is the difference Between Jew and Zionist?

• The major difference between Jew and a Zionist is that a Jew is a simple and peace loving man with Judaism as his faith. A Zionist is, on the other hand, a firm believer in the right of Jews in Israel, their birthplace. A Zionist believes that Jews are an exclusive race that belongs to the holy place called Israel and that this land has to be occupied by means of force to reunite all the Jews of the world.

• While a Jew is a peace loving, spiritual person, a Zionist is more of a jingoist who believes in military might and capture of the holy land of Israel through force.

• Zionists are only a subset of the entire Jewish population. As such though all Zionists are Jews, not all Jews are Zionists.

These are the differences between Jew and Zionist. As you can see, Jew is a man who belongs to a community that follows Judaism and has origins to the Hebrew people in the ancient Israel. A Zionist is a Jew, who believes that all Jews should be brought back to Israel.


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  1. Ashkenazi Jews of late 19th century Eastern Europe via Wikicommons (Public Domain)
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  • Yishai Shields

    Hate Zionists much?

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      • jtbrother

        Hate Jews much?

  • Nakaii Koyoda

    There is a BIG differents….one believes in ” Faith” and the other believes to ” Moral LAW ” one for Health and Well BEING the other for Material GAIN.. I LOVE World Peace ,when You Know the DIFFERENTS….

    • Adriann Giovanni

      That makes no sense .. It sounds like any other Religion that has been slaughtered by nuts that just want to have their Homeland back so those who wish to live and thrive there can .. The way it should be , the way it should everywhere and not controlled by nuts like you ..

  • Adriann Giovanni

    Thank you for this explanation .. It sounds reasonable to me .. It makes sense to me , coming from two different Tribes of Ancient Hellenic Bloodlines .. One from Cyprus , the other from Asia Minor Pontus .. Both attacked by and ravaged by Turks with the Aid of Do nothing British ..

    I probably would say that as an E. Orthodox Greek it tears me in two that my Faith has me to forgive them and accept them and be compassionate .. Yet my Warrior bloodlines will not allow me Peace until I see them fall .. From the time of the Ottomans I have heard these stories .. Still today they are persecuted and no one does anything ..

    I understand Netanyahu side , but now I wish to understand this Zionist side and we must do what we feel is correct for us by our Lord God .. He raised up in Anger and punished the Israelites on their Journey to the Holy Land and Moses gave up ever seeing Israel to it’s fruition .. So I am anxious to see how this unfolds .. Thank you for allowing me to speak ..

    Israel must never Fall and is the Home of the Israelites ..

  • Bishadi

    Jews adhere to the commandments per torah.
    Zionist require a ‘temple mount; to complete a red heifer atonement ritual. Even josephus mentioned the difference of Jew and ‘palestinian’ as the Jew adheres to the rules of personal responsibility, and the zionist are in pursuit of that gold domed spot in jerusalem.
    Huge difference.
    See JFJFP to see how Jews feel about the apartheid state called israel.