Difference Between Jew and Zionist

Jew vs Zionist

The term Jew comes from the tribe of Judah, and in Bible, Jews are described as Hebrews or Children of Israel. Judaism is the traditional faith of Jews. The word Judaism originated from the Hebrew Bible and is considered by Jews as an expression of a relationship of God with the Children of Israel. Of the total population of Jews worldwide, about 42% live in Israel while another 42% live in the US and Canada. Rest of the Jews are scattered in different parts of the world. Zionism is a political movement of the Jews that stems from strong desire to reunite all the Jews and to resettle them in their homeland, which is Israel. There are other differences also that will be discussed in this article.

The state of Israel was created in 1948, and since then, in a bid to protect Jewish community in the face of continued threats to its existence, many Jews have been trying to move forward the movement called Zionism. Though there are many other forms of Zionism such as cultural and religious Zionism, the focus of Zionism has traditionally been to claim Israel as the homeland of the Jews and to finally lead to a right to self determination for all Jews worldwide.

Not all Jews subscribe to the theory propounded by Zionists, and as such though all Zionists are Jews, the reverse is not true. Zionism was criticized by the UN and a resolution was passed in 1975 banning Zionism as a form of racism but was repealed in 1991 because of Arab-Israel conflict.

What is the difference Between Jews and Zionist?

The major difference between Jew and a Zionist is that a Jew is a simple and peace loving man with Judaism as his faith. A Zionist is, on the other hand, a firm believer in the right of Jews on Israel, their birthplace. A Zionist believes that Jews are an exclusive race that belongs to the holy place called Israel and that this land has to be occupied by means of force to reunite all the Jews of the world. While a Jew is a peace loving, spiritual person, a Zionist is more of a jingoist who believes in military might and capture of the holy land of Israel through force. Zionists are only a subset of the entire Jewish population. As such though all Zionists are Jews, not all Jews are Zionists.

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