Difference Between Job Description and Position Description

Job Description vs Position Description

Difference between job description and position description is that job description includes the duties and responsibilities expected from an employee while position description is more specific as the roles and responsibilities may differ according to the position. Both these documents are used to manage the employee performances and these documents are prepared by the human resource department at the time of the employee recruitment. This article presents to you a brief analysis of the difference between job description and position description.

What is Job Description?

Job description indicates the requirements for a particular job position within the organization. It includes the expected level of skills, experiences and the educational qualifications. It also includes the roles and responsibilities attached to a particular job position and can be used to give an impression for the employees regarding the employer’s expectations from them.

Job description provides a basis for measuring the job performance. It also provides a framework for the company to understand and structure all jobs and ensure necessary activities, duties and responsibilities that are covered with each of the job position. This enables pay and grading systems to be structured in a logical and fair manner.

Job description can be used as an evidence for certain accepted behavioural practices of employees and to take disciplinary actions against wrongful conducts. It provides important reference points for training and development areas and to manage the business activities in a smooth way.

What is Position Description?

Position Description explains the essential functions of a position. It can also be used as a basis for setting standards for an employee’s performance, preparation of training plans, statements of job duties and work schedules.

A position description is used in setting clear job expectations, assist supervisors and employees with setting goals and objectives, and also to evaluate the employee’s job performances. It also provides the necessary information for recruitment and selection, and can be useful in developing induction/training programs. Usually, position descriptions are prepared by the supervisor and they are reviewed annually during the time of employee performance evaluation.

Difference Between Job Description and Position Description

What is the difference between Job Description and Position Description?

• The human resource manager of the organization is responsible for preparing the job descriptions as well as position descriptions.

• Both these documents outline the duties and responsibilities expected by the employer from the employee within the period he/she is working with the organization.

• When comparing these two documents, position descriptions are more specific to a job vacancy that exist in a particular department, whereas job descriptions include accepted duties and responsibilities expected from an employee.

• Job descriptions are used for classification purposes and in job audits whereas position descriptions are used to manage the employee performances.


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