Difference Between Johnnie Walker Red Label and Black Label

Johnnie Walker Red Label vs Black Label

Johnnie Walker Red Label and Black label are the world’s most popular whiskies. They are the low to medium end products from the house of Johnnie Walker. The house of Johnnie Walker that has stayed in this market for close to two centuries has simplified its branding with its colour labelling for the average consumer to identify the variation and to stay in their mind. It has got five blends; Red, Black, Green, Gold and Blue labels. It had white also, but that was discontinued. Each of its five blends is unique in its flavour and feel.

Red Label

Red label is at the lower end of Johnnie Walker’s Scotch whisky line up; it is the cheapest whisky out of the five blends. Though it’s at the lower end of the Johnnie Walker’s house it is extremely distinctive and boasts exuberant flavour. Red label is branded by Johnnie Walker as “Full of Character” for its versatility. Even when it is mixed it won’t lose its characteristic taste and flavour. Walker family boast its flavour is one that they have not compromised for anything. It’s a perfect mixed drink, while being a fine drink on its own also.

Red label is a blend of light whiskies from Scotland’s east coast and dark peaty whiskies from west coast, creating a depth of flavour in it. Around 35 grain and malt whiskies are combined in the blend. The maturity age is not exactly known, but it is said to be 8 years.

Red label is characterized by its freshness to the palate and intense spicy flavours and long lingering smoky finish. The sensation, Red label create in the mouth is compared to sweet chilli.

Red label is served in a variety of ways worldwide; it is a perfect “everyday” scotch. It is companion at picnics to partying. It’s a favourite whiskey at pubs and clubs, by those who want a decent whisky for their money, still taste for long and refreshing.

Black Label

The Johnnie Walker Black label trademarked as ‘Hidden Depths’ was introduced in 1870. It still retains the authenticity of its creator and currently outsells every other deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky around the globe. It is a rich and smooth blend of about 40 very best Scotland’s whiskies, ranging from the strong west coast malts and subtle east coast flavours and matured for 12 years.

The Black label has a deep taste; the first sip itself makes you curious to discover more. Rich and smooth with smoky malt and a fruity flavour, then you go to feel the tinge of peaty with a finish of sweet vanilla and raisin flavour.

The whiskey can be consumed raw, with water, soda or with ginger ale. It is taken as long drink.

Red label Vs Black Label

  • Black label is more matured than Red label
  • Red label is lighter and malty
  • Black label has a deep flavour, smokier and silky smooth
  • Red label is cheaper than black label
  • Red label more of a mixed drink, black label can be consumed raw or mixed