Difference Between Jubilee and Coronation

Jubilee vs Coronation

Despite the fact, that both a Jubilee and a Coronation can be viewed as celebrations, there is a difference between the two. Here, what we consider as jubilee is the public jubilee. A public Jubilee is a special celebration where people celebrate a particular anniversary, such as the reign of a king for a number of years. A coronation, on the other hand, is also a celebration, but the special feature is the crowning of a sovereign. This highlights that a coronation is a celebration that aims at crowning a new sovereign whereas a public Jubilee celebrates the reign of the sovereign. This article attempts to highlight the differences between a coronation and a public Jubilee while explaining each term.

What is Public Jubilee?

A public Jubilee is a ceremony that celebrates an anniversary. This is usually a time of festivity and happiness for the people. For example, when the reign of a monarch for a number of years is being celebrated, this is referred to as a public jubilee. When speaking of the term jubilee, we often hear variations of this. Silver Jubilee, Golden Jubilee, Diamond Jubilee are some variations. A Silver Jubilee celebrates 25 years. A Golden Jubilee celebrates 50 years, and a Diamond Jubilee celebrates 60 or else 75 years. In different countries, the duration of the celebration can differ, depending on the significance of it for the people. In some countries, the celebration is limited to a single day while in others, it goes on for an entire week. During this period, people engage in festive activities. In the past, people would show their respect and happiness through the offering of gifts to the sovereign. In some Asian countries, such celebrations include special rituals as well. The goal of these rituals is to bestow the king with a long life. Let us take an example. In the recent past, Queen Elizabeth, the Second, celebrated the diamond jubilee in 2012. This can be considered a pubic jubilee.

Difference Between Jubilee and Coronation

In celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

What is Coronation?

A coronation is the crowning of the sovereign of a country. This entails a number of special rituals, such as placing the crown on the new king by a supreme religious figure. Even though, the concept of coronation has lost its value in the modern world due to the presence of a new political order, in some countries this is still in practice. For example, in England this occurs at a symbolic level. A coronation is also a festive time for the people of a country, as it gives hope to the people of prosperity. A coronation is symbolic of turning a new leaf of a nation. In a Coronation, certain religious practices and oaths can be observed. This is because, in the past, the king was equated with divine power that created an image of divinity in the eyes of the people.

 Jubilee vs Coronation

The coronation of Charles VII of France

What is the difference between Jubilee and Coronation?

• A public Jubilee is a ceremony that celebrates the reign of a monarch whereas a Coronation is the crowning of a monarch.

• Both can be viewed as public events that are celebrated by the people of a country in a grand manner.

• Once a coronation takes place, the reign of the king is celebrated through public Jubilees.


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