Difference Between Jujitsu and Judo

Jujitsu vs Judo

Self-defense is a natural thing, and there is no country in the world where some system of self-defense in the form of fighting without any arms did not develop to help people protect themselves from not just game but also fellow humans. However, Japan takes the lead when it comes to martial arts that teach people self-defense. Jujitsu and Judo are Japanese martial arts that have many similarities to cause confusion in the minds of westerners. Both are styles of fighting unarmed. However, there are differences between Judo and Jujitsu that will be highlighted in this article.

To start with, most martial arts can be broadly classified as hard and soft with hard arts emphasizing striking with hands and punching whereas soft arts focusing upon grappling. While karate, taekwondo and kung fu can be termed hard arts, the Japanese martial arts called Jujitsu and Judo classify as soft arts. However, this distinction is slowly giving way with martial arts borrowing heavily techniques from one another.


Judo is perhaps the most popular martial art on earth. This combative sport is played in nearly all countries of the world and is also an Olympic sport. The sport is credited to Kano of Japan who founded the sport in 1882. Judo is very competitive in nature and the main objective of the players is to down, subjugate, dominate or throw the opponent out of the ring. Choking the opponent by grappling or holding him in a tight manner is the main aim of the players while striking with hands and feet also form a part of the sport of judo.

Judo players are called judokas. So popular has judo become in all parts of the world that in many countries it has led to development of similar sports such as JiuJitsu in Brazil. There is another martial art by the name of Jujitsu in Japan itself to confuse people further.

Jigaro Kano himself started learning Jujitsu first but soon realized that this martial art was insufficient to explain all that he had in mind to develop a new martial art of self-defense. He borrowed techniques from Jujitsu and its variations such as Kito Ryu and Tenzin Shinyo Ryu while at the same time developing his own techniques based upon the principles of maximum efficiency, minimum effort, and mutual welfare. He developed throwing and grappling techniques to give Judo a complete shape.


Jujitsu, Jujutsu, and Jiujitsu are names of an ancient martial art form of Japan that is used to help people defend themselves when fighting an armed opponent. The literal meaning of the word Jujitsu is soft or supple art. The main objective of a Jujitsu player is to make use of the force of the opponent to beat him rather than resisting him with one’s own force. This was the philosophy that led to the development of techniques such as pins, locks, and throws. Judo is believed to have been derived from Jujitsu by Jigaro Kano. Similarly, there are many more modern combat sports based upon different forms of Jujitsu.

Jujitsu vs Judo

• Judo is a modern sport whereas Jujitsu remains an ancient style of hard grappling.

• Judo evolved from Jujitsu that is Japan’s ancient martial art of self-defense.

• Judo has more spectacular throwing techniques than Jujitsu that is based upon the philosophy of using the opponent’s power to defeat him.

• Jujitsu was created by the warriors in the battlefield and was a necessity to train warriors fight armed opponents; Judo was developed by Kano in peacetime.

• There is greater emphasis on competition in Judo than in Jujitsu which is why Judo is an Olympic sport.