Difference Between Jump and Hop

Jump vs Hop

Jump and hop are two different actions one could do with the use of one’s feet. It can be sometimes done for fun, for exercises, or for contests such as long jump. Jumping and hopping can be very good for your health as it could help you sweat more and burn more calories.


A jump is an action performed by springing off the ground through the use of both legs. Only when the creature performing a jump becomes airborne should the action be called as such. Usually a jump follows a trajectory pattern but a jump in place is also possible. Jumping is also a means of locomotion and some animals such as frog jumps to escape predators.


A hop is a light and small jump, usually on the same place but not always. A hop is performed by leaping off the ground with the body totally in the air, defying gravity for a while, usually done with only one leg especially for humans. In animals such as rabbits or kangaroos, they can use both their feet to hop.

What is the difference between Jump and Hop?

The main difference between a jump and hop is the number of foot used. A jump should be done with all the feet, be it two or four, and that the whole body is off the ground. On the other hand, a hop is done with only one foot to spring the body into the air. Most often, the being performing the hop should land with only one foot and should land on either the foot that was used to spring him on air or the other foot. Also, jumping or hopping can be done in place or when moving such as after running or walking.

In addition to that, a jump and a hop needs powerful leg muscles and proper form, otherwise this may lead to injuries.

In brief:

● Jump is an action by springing off the ground with the use of all the feet.

● A hop is usually done by leaping into the air with the use of one leg for humans, although rabbits hop with the use of both its feet.

● A hop is a light jump.

● Both requires strong leg muscles and proper form to avoid injuries.

  • Andres

    So kangaroos jumps, people say they hop but they actually jump. In Spanish there is one word for jumping and hoping, hoping is actually an stupid word that makes no sense. If you can use the same one with no problem in different languages there is no reason to have two in English.