Difference Between Justice and Fairness

Justice vs Fairness

Justice and fairness are concepts or notions that are hard to define without taking the help of the other. Justice and fairness are talked about in the same breath, and we have come to accept that what is just is also fair and that to be seen as fair, we must be just. However, as will be clear after reading this article is that all justice is not fair, and all that is fair is not just. Let us take a closer look at the statement.


Justice is the moral fabric that binds modern societies and civilizations. It is a concept based upon morals and ethics and what is morally correct is seen as just. We talk about social justice that is a concept of equality and strives for equal rights for all sections of the society. In this sense, justice means providing every person in the society what he or she deserves. Justice for all is a slogan that has become fashionable in all societies, and it is a standard that is sought to be achieved by all societies. It is a fact that life is not always just for all, but the concept of justice seeks equality for all.

Justice is often seen as a quality of being just or fair. In the field of law, justice is seen as meting out punishment to the culprit who has done a crime or harmed another individual. In broader terms, justice is giving a person his due.


We are fair when we are not biased and show no favoritism. In a classroom, it is the endeavor of a teacher not to appear as being biased towards a few children and to treat all children equally and with fairness. Among siblings, it is common to see kids foul cry every now and then to show their displeasure when they see the other sibling get something that they think they should be getting. Fairness is a quality of being fair, showing no bias towards some people or individuals.

What is the difference between Justice and Fairness?

• Fairness is a quality of being fair, showing no bias towards some people or individuals. Justice, in broader terms, is giving a person his due.

• We want fair treatment in all situations as we believe that we are all equals and deserve impartiality.

• Equality is an integral component of justice and all governments work on the principle of distributive justice or equality for all.

• Life is not fair as it does not give equal opportunities to all but justice demands that government treat all its citizens as equals and provide equal opportunities for all.

• Someone who is fair is seen as just, but sometimes justice can be cruel and seem not fair.

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