Difference Between Kangaroo and Wallaby

Kangaroo vs Wallaby

Kangaroo and Wallaby are very similar in appearance that many get deceived one for the other. Strictly speaking there is some difference between kangaroo and wallaby. It is for sure that both the animals belong to the Marsupial family. They both have the habit of carrying their young ones in pouches.

The main difference between kangaroo and wallaby is in their size. It is for sure that a kangaroo is much bigger than a wallaby. A wallaby can grow to a maximum height of about 24 inches only, whereas a kangaroo can grow up to a height of 8 feet.

Since the kangaroo is much bigger than a wallaby, the former is heavier than a wallaby too. A wallaby can at the most weigh up to 24 kilos. On the other hand a kangaroo can weigh up to 91 kilos.

You can note that the hind legs of these two animals too differ in their structure. The structure of the legs of a wallaby is more compact when compared to those of a kangaroo which stand wide apart. The knees of a kangaroo are wide apart.

It is interesting to note that the legs of a kangaroo are such that they are helpful in running very fast. On the contrary, the wallaby with its compact legs can maneuver nicely in dense forest regions.

The skin of the wallaby shows some difference when compared to that of a kangaroo. In fact it can be said that the skin of a wallaby has the natural sheen or glow whereas the skin of a kangaroo is not very bright. The coat of wallaby can be seen in different colors whereas the coat of a kangaroo is seen mostly in the brown.

It is also important to know that a wallaby is more agile due its compact legs and a kangaroo is fast due to its wide legs.