Difference Between Kayak and Canoe

Kayak vs Canoe

We all love fishing and roaming around in the water, sometimes trip to occasion, fishing in river, or at time large lakes are our destinations. Commonly, boats are used for this purpose; Kayak and Canoe are the two different kinds of recreational boats, both meant for different purposes, for instance, Canoe is for recreational tours in water bodies and Kayak is for more thrilling purposes. Their shapes are different and their usage is also different, but both are popular and widely used for water trips.


Kayak is a sleek boat, close to the surface of water, and its smooth design enables it move faster, as wind cannot affect its speed. Kayak has proved itself in all kinds of waters and weather conditions. In these boats, paddles are provided on both ends, which offer better control and fast mobility. Generally, Kayak is of two types, close cockpit and open cockpit. In case of close cockpit, no water enters in the boat, but in both models, an in built drain is provided to drain the water out of the boat, quickly. Now a day, we can get variety of kayaks, some are meant for moving in the sea, some others are used in fresh water bodies, and few others are used in racing, so one can choose according to his need.


Canoe are the small boats, usually human driven, but now electric and gas motors can be used as a source of power. These are pointed at both ends, and are open from the top, but now some models have covered cockpits. Canoes are comfortable boats; user cannot only sit at ease but also can paddle it easily. Moreover, people with disability and kids can easily get on and get of Canoe, which makes it ideal for the whole family. Water can easily enter in this boat, and wind can easily play with its direction, which can cause some problems for the travelers. Two people usually drive canoe, they propel it with paddles, but oars can also be used. In case of paddle, choice is yours; either you prefer single blades or double blades are your pick. We can also see sailing Canoes, which are pushed by variety of sailing rigs.

Differences and similarities between Kayak and Canoe

One can notice more than one difference between the two, the most prominent is, Canoe are the open boats and larger than kayaks, water can easily enter and exit, where as kayaks are closed crafts, usually smaller in size and water cannot enter easily, However in both boats proper drain is provided.

Kayaks are usually used for the sea excursion, as wind cannot affect their speed and lower part of travelers does not get wet, that is the reason, they are used in racing also. For fresh water bodies Canoe are the best option, as they provide the liberty of fun. Material used for both are also different, a hard plastic type of material is used in manufacturing Kayaks, where as Canoe are sometimes made from metals.


If you want to enjoy the beauty of water body and want to go close to sea animals, without getting wet, you should opt for Kayaks, but if you are planning for fishing in a lack with your family, Canoe are your boats, Choice is yours!