Difference Between Kebab and Shawarma

Kebab vs Shawarma

Sizzling meat that has been grilled for long over a spit is prepared and served in many different ways and is known by different names in different countries. Whether kebabs, doner kebabs, Shawarma, or gyros and tacos, all these dishes have the heavenly aroma of sizzling meat inside. The fact is that, there are many similarities in grilling and eating meat in this fashion and to an unfamiliar person, it becomes hard to differentiate between a kebab and Shawarma because of their similar aromas and tastes. However, the two meat delicacies are not the same as will be clear after reading this article.


Kebab is a meat preparation that is considered a delicacy in Middle East, South and Central Asia, and also in many parts of Europe these days. It is of Near east origin where it was believed to have been made by soldiers cutting the meat of wild animals and then threading it on their swords and grill on open flames to turn it into a delicacy. Kebab has traditionally been made with soft chunks of meat held on to a skewer and grilled on fire. However, there is also a form of kebabs called Shammi kebab and Galauti kebab that is made with pounded meat fried on a large fry pan.

Meat grilled on skewers has been found to be there in ancient Greece and Middle East. In different countries, different names are given to grilled meat balls such as Souvlaki in Greece, Chuan in China, Chopan in Afghanistan, Kakori kebab, Shami kebab, Galauti kebab in India, Shawarma in Saudi Arabia, and so on.


Shawarma is grilled meat delicacy from the Middle East. In fact, it is so popular that it has almost become a staple diet of the people there. Shawarma is a variant of the kebab and has been prepared and eaten in Saudi Arabia since thousands of years. It is basically tender meat that has been charcoal-grilled for a long time to cook, and then served inside bread. However, shavings off the spit can be eaten directly too. Shawarma is eaten with bread, tomatoes, cucumber, onion etc. As shawarma looks very similar to the doner kebab eaten in Turkey, some confuse it with doner kebabs. Doner kebab means turning kebab, so called as it keeps turning when grilled on a vertical spit.

Kebab vs Shawarma

• Kebab is grilled meat, or minced meat cooked on a fry pan, whereas Shawarma is a variant of kebab as it is of Arabic origin.

• Shawarma is served as a wrap inside the bread, whereas kebabs are served on the skewer, directly on to a plate, or eaten with rotis and nans.

• The ubiquitous Indian chicken tikka is also a type of kebab as it is grilled.

• Shawarma is made by grilling large piece of raw meat on a vertical spit and serving cooked pieces that are shaved off the spit or fall on their own inside bread.

• Kebab is of Near East origin, whereas Shawarma is of Middle East origin.