Difference Between Kettle and Teapot

Kettle vs Teapot

Tea lovers all over the world are aware of the fact that tea is made in one utensil and served into cups or glasses from another. There are different names for the utensil in which water for making tea is brought to a boiling point and the pot in which tea is actually brewed. Kettle and teapot are two such utensils.


Kettle is a word that has traditionally been used for a metallic utensil that has been used for boiling water, especially to make tea. However, a kettle can be used to boil water for different purposes. It is a utensil that is circular in shape and has a spout in then front that sometimes has a whistle to alert the person in the kitchen that the water has started to boil. This kettle that was made earlier of copper and nowadays made of steel or aluminum has a lid on the top, and a handle at the side to allow for convenient pouring of hot water into other utensils.


Teapot, as the name implies, is a pot made of ceramic usually and especially used to brew tea and to serve this tea into cups or glasses. The main function of a teapot is to let the hot water mix with the tea that is placed at the bottom so as to brew the tea. It is a utensil that is brought up to the place where the guests are sitting, so it is decorative and is made from ceramic. It has a spout in front to allow for the pouring of hot tea into cups. Teapot is not meant to be kept on the open flame on the stove.

Kettle vs Teapot

• Tea kettle is simply a kettle, which is the utensil used to heat water to a boiling point, whereas teapot is the utensil that has dry tea or tea leaves placed inside and hot water poured inside to brew the tea and then to serve this tea.

• Kettle is made of a metal; mostly steel or aluminum whereas teapot is mostly ceramic.

• Kettle is placed over an open flame on the stove whereas teapot is made of ceramic and cannot be placed over a flame.

• Kettle is not always a good looking, whereas teapots come in different shapes and sizes and are decorative.

• A kettle sometimes has a whistle in its snout to alert the person in the kitchen that the water inside has come to a boiling point.

• Modern kettles are electric and have an element inside to boil the water.