Difference Between Khaki and Chino

Khaki vs Chino

Men’s wardrobe is incomplete without pants even though many youngsters would take offence of this statement. Both Khakis and Chinos are synonyms for comfortable pants or trousers that men wear in summers. In fact, both Khakis and chino are being worn by men all-round the year because of their comfortable fabric and fitting. There are many who remain confused between khaki and chino because of their similarities. However, despite similarities, there are enough differences between the two that will be enumerated in this article.


Khaki is the name of a light color that lies in between light yellow and brown making it close to beige in appearance. Khaki happens to be the color of the uniform worn by Indian Police. In fact, the word has been borrowed by English from the same Hindustani word that reflects something that is soiled. (Khak means soil or dust in Hindi and Urdu). Though English people use the word for a color, it is also used to refer to a kind of trouser that is casual in nature and made from cotton fabric. Initially, khaki was a word reserved for trousers made for men in services that were, in fact, of khaki color. However, today the word khaki has come to be used for casual trousers of several hues made from a particular fabric called chinos irrespective of their color.


Chino is a word that is used both for the fabric as well as trousers made from this fabric. Chino fabric is 100% cotton and twill in nature. The word chino has been borrowed from the Spanish language where it means toasted. The color of the fabric reflects the fact as it looks like a bread that has been toasted. There are many who feel that the name owes to the fact that the fabric was originally made in China.

Khaki vs Chinos

• Khaki refers to a color as well as a trouser that is made of heavy cotton fabric.

• Chino refers to a fabric that is 100% cotton and twill, and also to a trouser made of this fabric.

• The word khaki comes from Khak, an Urdu word meaning dust or soil; and the color of khaki trouser is close to that of dust or soil.

• British army officers wanted troops to wear trousers that did not look dirty and thus they ordered white trousers to be dyed in khaki color.

• Chino is a word that comes from Spanish and means toasted.

• Chino fabric is heavier than the one used for khaki trousers.

• Chino trousers are available in many colors including dark colors whereas khaki trousers are always light in color.